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unexpected full throttle on ac 3.1.2

ac reseted  after flashing

we have red thr in, green thr out

vibtations only full throttle

3691110124?profile=originalater flying near ground pilot looks full throttle, move down thr stick but ac do not have response

after altitude reach 100m batery overloads and fail

please help t

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nmea extension

now gps nmea library is support GPS mesages only

GP is Talker ID (GP for a GPS unit, GN for a GLONASS)
Mediatek 3333 & ublox lea 6 h support glonass system
as example mt 3333 after gps and glonass fixed output mesages changes
from $GPRMC to $GNRMC and

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arducopter compass gain

i have tests of apm 2.5.2 with disabled compass

internal gyro only works better than "gyro + compass"

with compass + gyro if i do fast rotation at 180deg. i see in mission planner another angle, after 5-10 seconds this error slowly fixed (gyro correcte

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ublox & arduplane init_home() problem

hi developers!

some times ublox modules when cold start 

reports "3D fix" with  high error - with hdop = 4.0

this mean accuracy +/-1km around real point.

before each fly with ublox module i check home position and reset APM when it incorrect.

in arduplane

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arming for arduplane

sometimes navigation modules does not correctly identify the position and height after startup

but after some "good" data it used as home position

every time I check using OSD distance to the home point and the height, in rare cases, by the time of the

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how to use camera shutter automaticaly?

Hi all

how to use arducopter for auto photo?

I need to make a quaid for automatically make shots at each waypoint (or every 20 meters of track).
I configured shutter as specified in the manual and checked - from input 7 shutter work. shutter on channel

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arducopter stabilization

I'm trying to write code for the aircraft with vertical take-off and landing based last arduplane code, and therefore carefully reviewing code of arducopter (altitude.pde and ap_motorstri.cpp). incidentally found that the levels of the stabilizing ef

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