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New plane FX-79 tuning

I have been flying the Skywalker X8, put all my gear into the FX79. My question: Can I us the X8 params and then goto Auto Tuning mode to Tune or do I need to install a Default settings and then Auto Tune?

Thx, any input will be appreciated.


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APM Power Module with XT60

   I found out by chance that I had been running the Power Module with the 3DR radio telemetry on my 6s setup! The APM PM is rated for 18volts. The  6s Lipos at 25.2v are over the specs. Is there any power module rated for say ...... 30V? Or any othe

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Skywalker X8 setup


Skywalker X8

Tiger Motor MT2826 KV380

Propeller 16 x 10

Zippy 6s 3000mah x 2 (I had 3 x 3000mah batteries but flies better with 2)

APM 2.5

Power Module

Telemetry 3DR

Flying weight = 2812 gram/ 6.2 pounds

Keychain Camera


Mission Planner 1.3.7


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X8 parts needed

Grounded :-(
Just came back from flying! When it landed I noticed it was missing the left winglet. Anyone have one or know where I can get the winglet part. Or is there any other plane that might have the similar part?
Thx, Brian

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Getting back to DEFAULT Setting???


Trying to understand the some of the process. I have done some comparisons of params in a spreadsheet and come across some findings.

Am I correct in saying of the PARAMETERS in the firmwares only:

1) I assume there are Default params  in the f

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Join 2 or more mission into 1?

Has anyone tried to merge (join) 2 missions? Not sure what I did will work, but this is what I did. Opened Mission 1 in notebook. Opened Mission 2, deleted lines 1 and 2, copied remaining text and pasted below the last line of Mission 1. Lastly, renu

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Distance of a flight

Sometimes there is so much info a person can get lost, confused or just forgot where to look. It maybe "early alzheimer's". Anyway, I trying to retrieve the total distance of a flight. I tried extracting from the t-logs and looking at graphs, etc...b

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My X8, still no success.

My X8.

I'm at my wits end!! Any help will be VERY MUCH appreciated.

Things I have changed  and tested after each change with no results:

1) Level the APM to the center line of X8, re did all "Initial Setup" in MP
2) remove the end point on travel, wa

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Not too sure this is the correct forum. If not please direct me.

My plane is a Skywalker X8. I'm still in early flight stage. I'm thinking I don't have enough deflection to keep the plane in level flight in say.. FBWA Mode.

My question: Is there a Para

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My X8

I had my first maiden X8 flight the other day. It flew great off the bungee launcher and in Manual Mode, straight and level. But when I witched to FBWA, it headed down at a downward angle, Had to put it in Manual MODE to recover. I had it a Bixler 2

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