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Telemetry and HD video over 4G

I am successfully using a 4G LTE network connection to send bidirectional telemetry AND HD (1280X1024 / 25fps) Video from my drones.  The video is perfect, the telemetry is perfect - regardless of range (assumes 4G is available).  I use my cell phone

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2 GPS units

Others have asked similar questions, but I have not seen a satisfactory answer.

I'm running PixHawks, and I have 2 GPSs.  I have the option of 

1. USE BEST  or 


I understand what "Use best" means, but I have noticed that I get a bit less positio

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Can't graph telemetry logs

For many versions of MP, I cannot graph log files.   I can load and "play" the log files, but I cannot GRAPH the telemetry log files.

I have tried several computers, removed and re-installed MP, but NOTHING works!

I need to be able to graph the logs. 

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Still can't graph logs in MP

I'm running Mission Planner 1.3.56. I have been unable to graph logs for some time.  I have upgraded with every release in an attempt to get this working again.  While I can't say exactly when the problem started, it was at least 3 revisions ago.  


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Special output

I'm flying the latest FW on a PixHawk and need a PWM signal that (preferably) is the average of all the other PWM (Servo) outputs.  I flying a quad, so Servo 5 is available.  

In MP, there is an option to set SERVO 5 to "Throttle" using option "70", b

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Missing parameters in MP

I'm using the latest PixHawk firmware (I believe it is 3.5.5), and I want to adjust some parameters that don't appear in MP at all.  This is a multirotor quad.

For example:  In the SERVO FUNCTIONS, MP has options 0-80, yet in the ARDUPILOT ORG "docs",

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STORM 32 Gimbal doesn't work

I just received a 3-Axis gimbal with a Storm32 controller.  I loaded the GUI and find that the board has version 090 firmware.  The board is V 1.3.

I can read and write to the board with the GUI.  I put a camera on the cradle and attached a 4S battery

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Compatible boards

I'm looking for a small board (Rpi-size) that will run Dronekit AND has 4 real hardware serial ports.

I don't want to use USB->RS-232 converters, or bit-bang the pins.  I need 4 real, hardware UARTS. 

And it would be a bonus if the RS-232 ports were 5V

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Feature request

It would be nice if MP had a feature where you input the maximum distance your craft can normally fly.

Then, when entering a mission, whenever a route exceeded 80% of that figure, the route vector would change color (say to red).

I realize that there a

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Map Tool download speed

Is there any way to increase the speed of the download in the MAP TOOL function of MP?

Google can download an offline map in seconds or minutes.  MP takes hours or days.   I travel quite a bit and need to download some rather large areas (like most of

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GPS Failsafe

Using APM 3.2.1:

It is my understanding that if I am flying in AUTO MODE and have GPS failsafe set to "2" and the craft loses GPS, it will go into ALT-HOLD mode.  And it is also my understanding that it will not "leave" this failsafe mode unless it ge

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Can't upload waypoints

I can't upload waypoints anymore.  This function used to work until very recently.

I'm using Mission Planner 1.3.49, and I also tried 1.3.48.  Same problem.



APM 2.6

Now EVERY time I try to upload any mission I get the following error:


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Flight Controller Identification

I found what looks like a mini PixHawk clone in one of my electronics boxes, and I would like to identify it - especially the pinout.  

Attached are the top and bottom views of the 40mm X 40mm board.  Not shown is a small PCB that contains the magneto

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Joystick scale factor

Is there a way to adjust the "scale factor" of joysticks in MP?  That is, if an input pulse width range is 1200 to 1800 uSec, can I change that so what actually gets sent out is 1000 - 2000 uSec?

I have been able to connect a   "SM 600"  simulator joy

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Joystick problems - AGAIN

I running MP 1.3.48 on Windows 10

I have the prescribed Logitech joystick. I am CONNECTED to my craft.  I go into 


I plug in the Logitech joystick, go to the dropdown box and find that it is identified.  When I c

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