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What causes motors to lose sync?

On my Y6 with KDE 2814XF-515 motors and HW X-Rotor 40a ESC, Pixhawk, it seems like I have to re-calibrate the ESC's over time. Recently the motors were shaking pretty badly which was obvious when slow motion showed motor #5 definitely spinning odd an

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What is INAVerr?

I've asked the question several times in various forums. Nobody has yet answered the question.

The most complete answer was from Randy, but did not define how INAVerr is calculated and why 255 is bad, only that it may be a problem in my logs.

It has to

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INAVerr- Is it the GPS or FC or neither?

Should I expect a crash at some point?

Nervously I took the Spy 750 Y6 up for the first time in over 3 weeks (had a warm spell of 25F today).

In stab it flies great, then switching to poshold it seemed fine, but did the twitchy thing again for a few se

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CSGShop NEO-M8N is giving PM errors??

Today I did a test flight before doing a mission. After switching to poshold, it began behaving erratically, twitching and drifting. I was able to land, but puzzled because there were no errors from the GCS.

Running auto analysis, it gave these result

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Sky Hero Spy 750 Y6 build

I've been messing with this copter for a few months now. The biggest setback has been ESC issues with  KDE 2814XF-515 motors. Doing it over again, I'd bite the bullet and buy the $$ KDE ESC's made specifically for their motors.

After 4 different ESC's

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Rule of thumb on tuning please

I recently built a Sky Hero Spy 750 Y6. It is using Y6B parameters (AC 3.2) which after having it in the air a number of times is obviously not correct. The motors are KDE 2814XF-515.  It seems there is a "RC FEEL" slider, does that affect the PID se

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How to test for continuity on a suspect motor?

Correct me if wrong, but when doing a continuity test (power lead and motor shaft), there should be no reading.....OL.

I posted what I thought was possibly a bad Pixhawk at Arducopter support forum. It had me puzzled because the initial testing didn't

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3DR Power Module

I'm building a Sky Hero Spy 750 using Pixhawk and 3DR GPS/telemetry etc.

Is there an alternative to using the 3DR Power Module to power the Pixhawk? I'm questioning the 14 AGW wires being able to handle the current draw from the motors (KDE 2814XF-515

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Pixhawk and gps mounting location

1) Does the Pixhawk need to be at the CG of the copter (a la Naza)?

2) Does the GPS need to located in front of or behind the FC or can it off to the side as long as it is pointing in the same direction?

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