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Transmitter would not reconnect to Arduplane

I attempted a mission.

Arduplane is set to continue on tranmitter failsafe. After takeoff I turned off the transmitter. I had a telemetry connection. I have flown many flights in the hard config of this plane so i am very positive that the video is no

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Mission Planning

I am planning a mission. The landing point is not the same location as the takeoff point.

  • How can i calculate the distance of my mission ? (Mission planner automatically appears to draw a return to start point as a waypoint - so the distance does not

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1.3 ghz hd 1080


does a 1.3 ghz hd transmitter reciever combination exist that is suitable for an rc plane. I have a standard 1.3 ghz setup but i would love better video quality coming back to a screen.

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Arduplane AutoTakeoff

i am going to setup auto-takeoff for the first time. I dont know the location. can i just setup any mission at any location on mission planner with the first point being auto take off and then use that mission ?

from reading the documentaion the plane

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Fatshark Dominator HD


i have my av out from my receiver plugged into the AV IN/OUT of the fatshark dominator HD and have the receiver turned off. I am still not getting an image. Is there something else i need to do ?

I have referenced this but there is little/no inf

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Finwing penguin takeoff issues


i find it tough enough to take off my finwing penguin. Its balanced and i takeoff in manual. usually i'm on my own and if there is someone to help then they have 0 experience.

I dont really want to use the auto take off feature.

What i currently

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Underpowered Quadcopter

I have just setup a new quadcopter using the Tarot Iron Man 650 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame. I have also added a gimbal.

The quadcopter howers at a PWM of about 750. This is the max recommended per the arducopter instructions. I set the THR_Mid opti

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Digital Camera Mount


I am looking for a sturdy digital camera mount for a quadcopter that doesnt have a gimbal. I just want to lock it at 30 degrees pointing down. Simple. The quadcopter i have is this.Ideally if it fits onto this, that would be great.

Something lik

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