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New developments

The new kid on the block to take up a serious challenge to the sales dominance of DJI is Align.

We know they have some years of experience and also serious resources in Taiwan and their entry with the M480 and the M690 is more than just another copy o

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What camera

Hi Guys

Most of us who are creating or using drone technology are into photography. Some of us make a living from it and lets face it we are all fairly passionate about our preferred brand of equipment. It does not take a great deal of expertise to re

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Walkera Gimbals

Hi Guys anyone else playing with these gimbals. My first impression is that they are quite an advanced design, along the same lines as DJI in that they use a clutch drive with position encoded motors. 

Getting any response out of Walkera through their

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New kid on the block

The much talker about DJI Wookong-M multirotor stabilizer has started to set standards of stabilization that go way beyond what MK have done. Check out this video. Interestingly it seems that the system is caged to operate within 150 deg/sec. I think

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Setting-up a new APM

Having decided to give APM a try as opposed to my usual MK or KK Fight control system. I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a ready made code loaded and tested APM from udrones. OK, so when I had it nicely installed in one of my quad models,

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