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Sub 250 Gram Pixracer Build - Parts

Since my Sub 250 gram pixracer is complete I thought I would share a parts list and some build pics.

The FC is a small 36x36 Pixhawk based, its capable of full autonomous waypoint flights, ACRO, has 5.8 GHZ Video, I added an inline DVR for doing real

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Autonomous Flying Wing

I have flown APM since 2012 in my Quads/Hexs
I want to get a flying wing that I can use the Pixhawk with.

I want it to be able to take off in a park sized field, fly way points and auto land. (basic recon)

I assume we are at that point with arduplane b

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Recovery GPS

I recently lost one of my quads during an FPV outage in Auto, it had Bluetooth LE beacon on it but I never picked up the signal walking around where I thought it should be.  I really wanted to find a way to get the exact location of a lost craft in c

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RTL activated but not sure why

In one of my auto missions I am getting a RTL activated, reproducible every time and i just don't know why.  I look at the logs but I'm just not verbose enough with them to pin point it.

I have flown the mission 4 times and all 4 times the "First Only

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Positive press for Drones

Nick and I sent an email to our local station about how we are getting kids involved in building drones from LEGO Bricks.  

We took our APM Mini based LEGO drone to the school field where our Makerspace class was going on that my wife helps teach.  I

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I can't get rid of my toilet bowl

I have tried everything from

1) Repositioning the GPS

2) Recalibrating (about a billion times)

3) Added ferrite ring

I just don't know what to do at this point but maybe buy another GPS

Its a uBlox GPS

Does this in Alt Hold or anything GPS related,


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LEGO gets an APM Brain

The NAZA has been removed and replaced with an APM Mini, thought I'd share some of the progress.





There is some tuning still need to be done, the NAZA had no wobble once I changed some settings, hope I can get this one as good.

If you like you can make

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Mini APM for next LEGO Drone

I am looking at making a new LEGO drone project, this would be my 3rd one

1st one used APM 2.5

2nd NAZA

I loved the APM functionality and NAZA small size, now I want to put them together

Because I don't think 3DR officially sells a Mini APM 2.6 and I wan

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