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Creating East/West oriented grid?

Good morning,

I would like to know how to create my AutoWP / Gridv2  with the flight pattern going east to west? Or some other method of creating an east/west grid flight. I am using MP 1.3.30 

Right now I am creating and flying Gridv2 waypoint routes,

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Hexa Build Questions/Opinions?


I am flying my quad and have started planning a Hexa build for FPV, would appreciate some input on a couple of questions. Plans include powering the FPV gear with its own small Lipo battery, separate from the aircraft. A camera mount with 2 axis s

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How easy to fly?


I was curious to hear from pilots with comparison experience using ArduPlane as an autopilot, vs. other autopilots?  I just built an ArduQuad copter and have it flying. Not far but after crashing it a few times I'm getting the hang of it  ;-) .  N

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Flight Mode - Super Simple question

I know, you say 'its so simple!'.  ha ha.

I understand that SIMPLE MODE requires you to face in the same direction for the duration of the flight.


Warnings :

When using SIMPLE Mode, you must stay (the pilot) in the same orientation. If you turn 90°,

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Video Capture Question with USB Device?


Newb here, I am flying with Quad and just got my basic FPV gear from RangeVideo. My question is about suggestions for software to view the video output on my Windows 7 laptop.

I have an AVERMEDIA EZMaker 7 USB thingy, and it comes with software for

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Hexa design with 13" props?


I have an ArduQuad, but I am interested in next building a Hexa for FPV and have been using Ecalc for modelling. I live in CO, high altitude and have found that via Ecalc, props sized in 13" and 14" return better performances (longer flight). S

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Seeking input on a Hexa or Octo build


Recently found this forum after developing an interest in building a Multi-rotor DIY UAVs. I would like to ask a few questions.

I am interested in building an ArduPilotMega-brained Multi-copter (hexa or Octo) that can do the following:

1. Primar

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