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Issue with APM 2.62HIL

I'm running APM 1(1280).  If I load Arduplane 2.62 with the APM planner, the MAVLINK connection is successful.  If I load Arduplane 2.62HIL the MAVLINK connection is unsuccessful (only one heartbeat received).

Anyone know whether this is an Arduplane

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Receiver failsafe issue with APM2

I have Hitec R/C equipment in my APM2-equipped Telemaster.  The rx is the Optima 7.  This rx has a failsafe capability where you can select the throttle setting and the control surface position when signal is lost.  Loss of signal results in the fail

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Aruplane/X-Plane Simulation Problem

I am trying to get my Arduplane working in simulator mode (X-Plane) and am not having much success.

I have a Hitec RC system; a 2.4G Optic6 Tx and an Optima7 Rx.  I have servos attached to the
four control channels.  The system is in manual mode

I caref

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APM missing resistor?

While troubleshooting another issue with APM, I noticed there was a pair of pads unused on the board.  One pad is connected to pin 1 (PG5) of the ATmega1280 chip. The APM  schematic shows there is a 1K resistor (R8) connected to pin 1 (the other pad

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APM stopped working suddenly

I successfully setup my arduplane (APM 1280) with s/w version 2.24.  Everything checked out with the ground tests.  Yesterday, when I tried to update to v 2.26 something went wrong.  The symptoms are as follows.

The rx/servos are powered by a 5v batte

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Configtool location

I have been out of the loop for some time but am now in the process of putting together a new ardupilot.  I went looking for the version of the Configtool that is in the instructions which is supposed to be in the Google code repository.  However I c

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Mode Switch Testing

Hi, I have used the Mode Switch Test software to confirm I am set up for:

 POSITION 1 Manual
 POSITION 2 Fly_by_wire

When I move the elevator and rudder control sticks in manual mode the control surfaces move as expected.  When I do the

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Ardupilot uploading problem

I'm working on a ATMega168 version of Ardupilot. I have added the airspeed sensor shield. As far as I can tell (from the leds and voltmeter readings) I have put it together properly. Today I downloaded Ardupilot software version 2.1.2. I did modify t

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ATMega168 and airspeed sensor

I am working with the ATMega168 version of Ardupilot (s/w version 2.1.2). I believe this configuration can support the airspeed sensor but am not 100% sure of this. I know that digital pin 8 must be connected to MUX IN 3 but where would the signal li

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Blogs gone

Up until today there were a number of useful blogs attached to the Ardupilot page. I was particularly looking for one that discussed the configuaration utility and field setup. Can anyone tell me where they have gone?cheers, Fred

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