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Fried replied to Larry's discussion APM 2.5 + 3DR Telemetry + MinimOSD
"Ok, this is good Recommendation."
Jan 4, 2015
Fried replied to Charlie Stewart's discussion Sony Camera Gimbal
"Still, it would be great if there were a way to shed weight elsewhere on the Iris+ to allow for an Rx100iii with at least a 2 axis gimbal. If anyone can figure out how to do that, it would be amazingly great.

I am agree this view. Crazy and…"
Jan 4, 2015
Fried replied to David Cox's discussion Tarot Gimbal and protecting GoPro lens
"It looks very good. the Layerlens is very clear."
Jan 4, 2015
Fried replied to Kieran's discussion []
"Did you check your FS turning off your radio previously? I have to configure the FS from my radio if not, the APM changes to Pos hold when I turned it off.

You can try it. I think, this is useful."
Jan 4, 2015
Fried replied to Ronen Aknin's discussion mission planner com port error unable to connect fail to download firmware
"Looks like the Pixhawk driver was not detected and loaded.  Right click on failed device and update driver.  It should have been loaded when Mission Planner was installed."
Jan 4, 2015