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Trouble with a hex voltage

Hi I'm trying to find out the amp draw for my hexacopter to find out if i can put a 40 amp voltage telemetry monitor in my hexacopter

Here is my setup:

550 frame

3d Robotics 880kv motors

10x4.7 props

3d Robotics 20 amp esc's

5000 mah 3 cell battery with 30

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Naza not arming w/ unusual combo

I am trying to get my DJI NAZA-LITE to arm here is what i have:

Turnigy 9x w/Er9x Firmware

DJI 550 Flamewheel

DJI NAZA Lite w/ Gps

3D Robotics 880Kv Motors

3D Robotics ESC soldered to get motor wires shorter

In the naza assistant everything checks out and

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Crash #3

I was flying my hexacopter at a local school on june 22. Everything started out great. I was flying it in auto, loiter, guided, and RTL mode. While i was flying my hexacopter started drifting away because of the wind. At witch point i brought it back

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3d robotics props

I had some trouble with my hexcopter on its maiden voyage. I flew the copter and got it in the air, then a few seconds later one of the props flew off along with the top of the motor nut. I have a video of it for you to look at. Any one know a fix to

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