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ArduCam / MinimOSD distorting on screen

Hi all -

I recently got into FPV, and since I use APM 2.5 my thought was to go with a MinimOSD since it efficiently gets its sensor data directly from the APM!

Well, I am having some trouble with it. Here are my FPV specs:

-ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8Ghz Tx w/

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Strange Yaw issues with Arducopter 2.8

Hello -

I have been getting into FPV lately, so my need for reliable flight has increased exponentially!

Anyway, I just recently upgraded from an APM 1.4 + oilpan to an APM 2.5. Rest of specs:

KDA20-22L motors

Turnigy Plush 18A ESCs w/ SimonK firmware


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Best way to level arducopter?

Hi all -

Can you please share your methods of leveling your multicopter? I know of the current available methods:

-Place on level surface and calibrate

-Auto-level mode (hold arm for 20 sec)

-Automatic level (Channel 7 switch)

I have tried all of these, b

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Best LVC for RC plane?

Hi Guys -

I got my Easy Star put together, reinforced with carbon fiber rods, brushless motor and mystery esc from HobbyCity, etc, etc. Took my maiden flight yesterday (which happens to be the first time I've flown an rc plane) and it was a BLAST!


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