Portland, OR

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Pac-NW native, father, craftsman and tech company exec.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Have been interested in programmable vehicles since getting a BigTrak in 1980.



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Jay replied to Tomek Kowal's discussion PIXHAWK armed but motors do not spin in PIXHAWK
I've been banging my head against a wall for a couple of hours... stumbled on your post while reading out of utter frustration... face palmed... went back to the bench and, viola...
Plug in them motors the right way, and they work…"
Jun 19, 2016
Jay replied to Todd Martin's discussion Neo M8N and Pixhawk, No GPS fix
"I've got the exact same issue-- it's not a bad GPS-- I took my m8n and connected it to an APM and it worked fine. If I rearrange the wires going into the Pixhack, I get "no gps" in Mission Planner - if I get the wires connected in what I *think* is…"
Jun 15, 2016
Jay replied to Julian's discussion Eagles hunt my Skywalker!
"My tiny toy quads (x5c) get attacked by hummingbirds regularly. I don't know what to do about big or small birds other than take their picture and hope for the best."
Mar 2, 2016