Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm really interested in things that haven't been done before and that most people haven't or can't conceive of because its "too complicated" or "unorthodox." Things like quad copters and normal foamy planes don't interest me that much, although I may incorporate technologies from such planes like the electronics for Blimpduino etc.

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Justin commented on geir's blog post 454 mhz chumbyhackerboard
"As far as connectors, isn't there an Arduino that has a USB connection?"
Mar 5, 2011
Justin commented on Ramon L's blog post New Lithium Titanate Batteries the perfection of Li-po
"Is the link in OP the only place we can get them right now ?"
Feb 21, 2011
Justin commented on Dean Lamborn's blog post It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!!
But we really need a revolution in battery tech; 8 minutes is a tad too short.
Hopefully something like micro turbines will come along shortly."
Feb 17, 2011
Justin commented on Paul Marsh's blog post YADIYDRONE
"Nice job !
I assume this is the free version of Sketchup ?
Also, what camera do you plan on using ?"
Feb 13, 2011
Justin posted a discussion
If you go the balsa route for your frame, how do people protect the electronics ? I've been thinking perhaps I could encase them in thick foam or something. Or do you just pray you've gotten the coding right for the auto pilot ? =P
Feb 4, 2011
Justin commented on Peter Seddon's blog post Panther UAV
"Also, why aren't there torque issues with hover mode?

I'm guessing the props spin opposite of each other?"
Oct 22, 2010
Justin posted a discussion
I would like to build an rc plane that can transmit video.Is there any way I could use the old camera to do that? Its a Logitech Quickcam Chat.It has a USB cable, so I wonder if I could connect it somehow to an Arduino Mega, although the Mega uses a…
Sep 11, 2010