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Karl Busenknecht commented on Bart Theys's blog post Meet CargoCopter: our latest generation of high-speed, long-range drones
"Is this project open source? (the modified APM code, the design etc)"
Jun 9, 2017
Karl Busenknecht replied to Venkatakrishnan's discussion How to use the pixhawk aux pins to control servo or led.
"what settings did you use?I have channel 9 set as 28 (EPM) relay 1 at aux1 brd_pwm_count is 0 but still no relay 3,3v output when switching ... Luc Maximilien said:
I was not able to operate the second relay with the radio control.
It seems that…"
Nov 21, 2016
Karl Busenknecht posted a discussion
Hi there, I'm trying to get the data of the sensors from a Android Mobile phone to an Arduino, so far it worked for me with a small program, now I want to pack it all in a Mavlink format, do you have any App to do that? +open source of course
Sep 20, 2016
Karl Busenknecht replied to Karl Busenknecht's discussion ROI Region of interest also in Arduplane? in ArduPlane User Group
"I know that link... But is it only for Copters or also for Planes?"
Aug 28, 2016
Karl Busenknecht posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
I am planning to make a servo gimbal for my gopro on my Flying Wing, and I want to loiter around a point of interest, is DO_SET_ROI also available on the Plane firmware?As far as I know only copters can do that, correct me if I'm wrong
Aug 25, 2016
Karl Busenknecht commented on naish's blog post X8 3D scanning
"Do you have the 3D scan of the Fx-79 ? would be awesome"
May 30, 2016
Karl Busenknecht left a comment for vilnis.lauva
"Hi Vilnis,Could you please share your X8 Config with wich you made 150 km+?
I mean Motor, Esc, Props, Battery, FPV Gear etc?
Thanks in Advance"
Dec 20, 2015
Karl Busenknecht posted a discussion
Hi, I wonder if anyone could compile VertiKUL's VTOL code that is available online here:https://github.com/menno-h/ardupilotAs for me I tried, but after the 500th error I had to debug I got tired (compiliging make px4-v2)Does anyone here have the…
Aug 31, 2015
Karl Busenknecht left a comment for Bart Theys
"Hi Bart,
Do you have the Firmware compiled Online? Couldn't compile what you guys put on Github"
Aug 30, 2015
Karl Busenknecht left a comment for Menno Hochstenbach
"Hi Menno,
Could you put online the compiled code of VertiKUL? Couldn't compile it.."
Aug 26, 2015
Karl Busenknecht commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Pixhawk-based VTOL aircraft code now available
"could anyone compile the code?"
Aug 26, 2015
Karl Busenknecht posted a discussion
Hi,In the Arducopter firmware there is a nice module implemented to protect one from GPS glitches AP_GPS_Glitch.h (not the EKF one), did anyone implement this on the Arduplane firmware? (the 16 bit version)
May 20, 2015
Karl Busenknecht replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Anything planned on implementing GPS Glitch protection on Arduplane?I mean poor mans Gps glitch protection (16 Bit Boards), as it is already available for 32 Bit boards with the EKF."
May 20, 2015
Karl Busenknecht commented on deadfalkon's blog post Building an Android based autopilot
"Anything New in this direction?"
Apr 20, 2015
Karl Busenknecht replied to patrick niedziolka's discussion Using a smart phone motherboard as an autopilot
"anything new about this project?"
Apr 20, 2015
Karl Busenknecht commented on johnm545's blog post Running an autopilot on Android
"Hi John,
Do you have any in depth Documentation about this? I mean HOW-TO to make it work on android?"
Apr 20, 2015