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Go Pro EMI?

I have been flying my Iris+ for about 2 weeks now without the Go Pro just so I could acquaint myself with it.  I am now ready to attach my Go Pro HERO 3+.  The Go Pro is covered in aluminum tape in order to reduce the EMI when attached to my Blade 35

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Barometer Calibration

I am still testing my IRIS+ upgrade so I have been careful with flights and noting logs.  I have AC 3.2.1 and Mission Planner 1.3.21.  While performing a test flight this evening, I received the following messages

"APM initializing

Calibration baromete

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GPS Shield Weirdness??

Hi Everyone,

I have owned an original IRIS since March of 2014.  I just recently got around to installing the IRIS+ upgrade kit.  The upgrade kit came with a GPS shield which I installed as part of the upgrade.  You should know that I had also updated

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