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yaw drift

Hi, I have a arducopter 2.5 with firmware 2.7.1

I was able to calibrate the PID for roll and pitch, work and the quadricopter type "+" is stable.

But in the air I can not stabilize yaw , rotates continuously.

I try calibrate the PIDyaw but never the res

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pid setting problem with different throttle


I have a question, I try tuning PID with motor throttle at 20% , the tuning is perfect and stable, but when increse the motor throttle at 50/60 % the quadcopter starts to oscillate and becomes abrupt movements and nervous.

Then do the inverse, with

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fusion all sensor IMU + GPS + Barometer

Hi ,

Hi have a question, Is possible fusion all sensor IMU + GPS + Barometer with kalman filter to estimate and compensate drift of GPS for have a precise altitude , precise velocity, and precise position of multicopter ? Are there a algorithms o code

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Quad+ Vs QuadX

Hi, what differences there is in quad+  and quadX apart from the mounting of the sensor in the frame.

who is more stable in flight, quad+ or quadx?

Is there are a difference in the dynamics in flight?

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apm2 and MPU6050 DMP... question?

Hi, I have a doubt. The APM2 have a MPU6050 and this sensor have a DMP for fusion accelerometer gyro and external magnetometer.

My question is, Why in the source code not use the DMP of MPU6050 ? but use the traditional software DCM ? ... maybe is DMP

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Fusion sensor

Hi all,


Is it possible fusion 2 sensor (GPS Velocity and Pitot sensor) for have an accurate Velocity measure ?


Is it possible fusion 2 sensor (GPS altitude and pressure sensor) for have an accurate Altitude measure?




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