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Mike Camelo commented on Brandon Basso's blog post DroidPlanner 2.0 Beta Announced
"Hi Arthur, great work.
I've tryed DPv 1 and DPv2.0.0 on my chinese Tablet and they works,
I've to work around USB Host features to enable the App.
Now with the new DPV2.0.1 it work too.
I've to try on the field if offline maps works, because on DPV1…"
Jan 27, 2014
Mike Camelo commented on vis.asta's blog post qadrocopter 125 min in the air
"hi Guys, I follow your comments about 114 min flight show in the calcolator, There is an error.
It's simple to find correct value and hovering time in the calcolator:
If you use the box Model Weight ----- INCL DRIVE , you calcolate with ALL weight…"
Mar 20, 2013
Mike Camelo replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"Hi Kevin, thanks for yuor time and work, really interesting to go outside without laptop etc.
I try to download tour app but it says my tablet isn't compatible and don't go on.
My tablet is China made, but is new, with standard features and with…"
Jan 29, 2013
Mike Camelo replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.2 beta
"Hi Marco my condolescence too for you and for your quad. I saw your video and the others and I suppose an hardware failure.
In your video, you flew and when it happens after the turn It seems to have a fall down of the right front motor, ( Esc,…"
Jan 27, 2012
Mike Camelo replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.1 release
"Hi Jason, after installation 2.56 release, I try to test sensors, and i find sonar rate between 32 to 46 cm no higher. In the older version no problems with the test and alt-hold flying.
It's maybe a test issue, and don't compromise stability when…"
Dec 10, 2011
Mike Camelo replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.55
"ok at soon as possible.
Dec 3, 2011
Mike Camelo replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.55
"Hi Jason, you are making a great work, time to time going better. I've a strange issue on fly, i was flying in stabilize mode, all ok, then switch to altitude hold and all ok, when i tryed to switch in fly to loiter mode, (20 meters away and 10…"
Dec 3, 2011