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GPS library-ish code

They have GPS libraries for Arduino which are fun to play with but not too easy for some one like me to try and make a UGV with. I think it would be a cool idea for diy drones to have code that would just give like distance to your next GPS point and

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Arduimu, replacement sensor or not?

So there are going to be replacement sensors for the thermopiles i hear. Are they not going to be the Arduimu? They say they are going to analog and i know arduimu is serial. But i also hear 2.5.1 code will use arduimu. So are there going to be repla

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No rc control.

first i am wondering if i need to change anything in the code for manual control. I download the code with no error but fail to have manual control. I have control of the motor because that is plugged directly into the rc receiver. I am using a 2.4gh

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RC receiver

If a rc receiver has a operational voltage of 4.8-6v would my 8.4v battery work with it? could it fry?i dont get why most rc receivers have a small voltage rating that are lower than the batteries have. I am looking at 2.4ghz transmitters and receive

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how to use 3 channel remote?

I know i am not following the Ardupilot manual, but i have a 3 channel remote controller that came with the plane i bought. Now i am using this for cost issues. My question is if i can have the plane go into UAV mode when say the receiver stops getti

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why is this better?

why is this code better than the first code? they are both autopilots and they use alot of the same parts.Why is it needed to have airspeed sensor? I know the first code is cheaper.

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