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Postion Hold not engaging..

I have been trying to reach someone who might know my problem by posting on my own discussion thread in "miscellaneous"   on my profile page. I haven't gotten very many suggestions or ideas, so maybe this is a better category.   (except for test flig

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Problem with executing position hold

I cannot get the PIxhawk to execute position hold in 3.2 or in 3.2rc1

I have this same problem on two copters, each using a different radio (TARANIS)

and each has a Pixhawk, one on 3.2 stable version and one on 3.2rc1

they both do the same thing.  

I hav

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Why the motors cut off?

If someone recognizes the Pixhawk tone signal that you can hear 27 seconds into the flight, please tell me what the tones mean. The motors cut off right after the tone, and although the motors restarted quickly, not quick enough to prevent it from cr

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DCM Bad heading

I had a crash today.

I loaded 3.2 a few weeks ago and haven't had any trouble with it, in fact, It has been excellent!

Today something happened that caused a crash, the damage isn't too bad.

However, I have been trying to make sense of it, and I hope if

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My PIXhawk based F750 flew away..

I had a GPS Tracker on it and actually was able to retrieve it without damage.. I do not have a good understanding of the logs to interpret them yet.... Can someone take a look at the log attached and see what might have happened?

I will be very grate

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Had a runaway.

I had a GPS locator on it so I was able to find it. A small cypress tree caught it for me, so It was treated gently.. no damage.

Looks Like I had some serious vibration at full throttle. I don't think that was the entire reason though, I

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Issues with MinimOSD extra

I updated my MinumOSD firmware to the 2.4r726 , and updated the config software also to 2.3.2 r727
I like what I see, but I'm not receiving data, battery show .00, and in mission planner has all the right data, using separate telem ports on pixhawks,

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Battery failsafe issue

I am getting very short flights on my recently built quad with a Pixhawk. I am using 3s 5100 MAH 35C (fairly new) packs.  The failsafe is left at the 10.4 voltage level set as the trip point to go into failsafe. in flight with the full electronic loa

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GPs Issues

It seems that I have a chronic problem getting the GPS to lock in. Often when powering up with the PIxhawk, I get hdop 100 and 0 satellites. After waiting anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes, It may or may not begin working and I get a 3D fix. sometimes I

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Troubleshooting a damaged arducopter

After repair from a crash, two ESC's don't initialize...

I'm trying to fix my Arducopter Quad. (APM2.5 flashed to 3.01)  A little puzzled at this point. the other day, I was flying my Arducopter using FPV and I was near 200 feet altitude, and it start

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Questions from a new Arducopter owner

I received a new prebuilt Arducopter last week from Udrones and I am having some problems getting ti to fly with the stability that I am expecting.

I am partially there, but I need some help.  I have been pouring over all the information I can find, b

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