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The drone flew in from the east side of the stadium as No. 26 Flavia Pennetta defeated Monica Niculescu, 6-1, 6-4. Pennetta said later that she heard it flying around. At first, she thought it might be a bomb.

"A little bit scary, I have to say," Pennetta told ESPN. "With everything going on in the world ... I thought, 'OK, it's over.' That's how things happen."

The USTA later issued a press release saying no one was injured and that the New York City Police Department is investigating the incident. The drone broke into pieces when it crashed. The police and security went right over to it, then gave the all-clear to continue playing. 

"If there had been spectators, it would have hit them and done a lot of damage," Pennetta said. 

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Hello DIY Drone we have just launched our kickstarter campaign for the Endura Drone We kindly ask for your support in spreading the word by liking our Facebook telling your friends and spreading the word your support is very much appreciated 



Our Mission:

Create an affordable stable platform for filming that was full featured and outperformed similar quads on the market. After months of testing and revising our design we have achieved success. We have created a super light extremely rigid frame that has superb flight time is easy to repair and takes amazingly stable video. Our complete system weighs in right at 3.5kg and includes a 16ah Li-polly battery, a Pixhawk flight controller, Ublox m8n GPS, Bluetooth telemetry radio, 2 axis Alexmos Gimbal, 500Kv brushless 22 pole motors, 30Amp Simon-k ESC’s, and 15” T-style carbon fiber propellers. 3D printing is actually a good fit for a drone air frame. It has a few unique aspects that you can't get with injection molding. 3D printed objects have a good weight to strength ratio this is due to a honeycomb interior structure. 3D printed objects are built 1 layer at a time allowing for complex shapes that would never release from an injection mold. Most quads on the market have a 15 to 20 minute flight time can barely carry a GoPro and can only reach speeds of 20MPH. We find that this is unacceptable. With such short flight times, we were finding that we were missing some of the best action. We set out to extend that time, little did we know how far we could go. We almost tripled that time without losing performance or stability. We were able to get up to 40 minutes of smooth uninterrupted flight time and video. Our quad can also reach speeds up to 40 MPH and carry a much heaver DSLR camera with little to no modification. The best part our system is that it uses readily available off the shelf electronics that can be replaced easily for that inevitable crash.

Thank You For Your Support 

Todd Urban

Founder lead developer


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Can Your Frame Do This


There has been some question on the strength of a 3d printed quadcopter I had some wonders myself as to just how strong it was so I put this little test together not bad for a frame that weighs 636 grams  

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46Min Loiter On 3d printed Quacopter


So you may have seen my past blog post I finally got my 16000mah battery just did a 46min loiter I did the logs but the apm2.6 wont store that much log but I timed the flight with a stopwatch I will take video tomorrow and post it asap I was hoping to get close to 40min but it has surpassed my expectations at 46min the final flight weight with the battery is 5lb 14oz with everything onboard fatshark 5.8 gps telemetry osd apm receiver power module it is 22 pole 490kv multistar motors 20amp afro esc 15 5.5 propellers shortened to 14.5   we are in the process of putting together our website and they will be for sale shortly they can be purchased as a bare frame or as a customizable receiver ready model the bare frame starts at 45$ and the receiver ready model will be 799$ for the base model 1199$ fully loaded with gopro 2axis gimbal ublox neo m8 gps and 915 or 433 telemetry

just a short video of it flying

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You may have seen my 310 haxa build a few months ago but I decided to see how big I could go so here we go

its 580mm has 4 400kv  22pole motors  14x9 propellers can hold up to a 16000mah battery has afro 30 esc's on a 4 cell 2200mah battery it flies for 15 min according to the calculator with a 16000mah battery it should get 40min flight times have not tried it yet still waiting for the 16000mah battery 3689633657?profile=original3689633747?profile=original3689633591?profile=original


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3d Printed Mini HexaCopter


I Have been working on this 3d printed hexacopter for some time now let me know what you think of the design ive been entertaining selling them and or the STL's so you can print them yourself here are some pics and some gimbal video feedback good or bad is much appreciated also if you would buy it what would you pay for it3689626459?profile=original3689626295?profile=original3689626349?profile=original


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My company is producing a ground station


It Is a mini itx amd quadcore with a high bright lcd a solid state harddrive 2 front mounted usb built in 3dr radio dual video  RX with diversity video input for the onscreen HUD an additional 7" lcd with Output for your fpv googles it has 10ah of battery witch will run everything for around 3 hrs systems will be customizable and built to order here are some pictures of our prototype we are looking for feedback and suggestions

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