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Quadcopter Firmware V3.1.4

Hello I have V3.1.4 firmware in my quad copter which i downloaded via mission planner. it is a hex file. I want to understand the code, from where i can get the code written in C? as different forums suggest that if you convert hex file into readable

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Firmware for APM 2.0

Hello, i am using APM 2.0 for my quadcopter. i have downloaded the mission planner from APM site but now as the manual says, when i have to choose the motors layout, (i have plus configuration) but the mission planner isn't showing any option for plu

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APM 2.0

I'm going to use APM 2.0 for my quadcopter, i just want to fly quad using RC that is autonomous flight is not required, so does that mean i do not need to buy GPS module that is otherwise essential for automatic flight?

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Query about APM?

Hello!I want to use APM 2.0 for my quadcopter but i want to get it from hobbyking , as i dont have enough budget to get the original one from 3drobotics but it read in a post that the official 3D Robotics APM 2.0 board has a unique signature and the

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Query about APM2.6

In APM 2.6 mission planner is used to give way points, what i understand from it is that there is a GUI by which you give way points and then copter reaches at those points autonomously. what i don't understand is that how these waypoints which you g

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Programming APM 2.5?

My project is design and fabrication of RC stabilized quadcopter, the quadcopter will stabilized autonomously (stabilization will be handled by the flight controller board) and then the orientation/flight of copter will be controlled by RC transmitte

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