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IOC in a Pixhawk??

I have one Quadri with a pixhawk, the board if oriented with the nose of the quadri.

Something strange is happening,  when I fly with the nose in the front and I push forward the pitch stick it is ok, then  I turn to the left 90Degres, so the nose is

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Plane-waypoint set up

Hello folks, 

I wonder how I can improve my plane parameters to avoid what I  show in the drawing. 
The plane reaches the waypoint and then flies to the other and that makes the wind move the route.
What should I adjust to the plane so before reaching

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APM shut down motors for a moment



I want to share my last experience with a 2.6 APM. I have used APM board since 2011 in some Hex, qua and airplane.


Last week end I was using my hexa to take photograph for a farm. The hexa flew perfect in auto taking  the photograph of 35 h

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APM 2.5 initial set up problem process

I have problem with my APM 2.5


When I connect it with USB to PM I can download some ardu plane  firmware with no problem, like 2.74.

 When go to Flight data screen and move the APM the HUD did not move.

 The wireless telemetria conection % goes from 0

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Circle Mode during RTL mode

Hello all, 

I need your feedback and help, yesterday I was flying my airplane with APM 2.0 I saw in OSD that it changed to Circle mode, that was probably because a low Tx or Rx low signal.

 Since I noticed the mode change I move the switch and put in R

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