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PixHawk/APM :: Thinking new ideas

Ok, so the pixhawk has been out for a little while and i have been away doing some other computer web geek chit.... What i am wondering is what the community is doing with this new power and capacity of the pixhawk. Is anyone using it to talk to netw

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I heard a rumor ... hope it was false.

Through the grapevine i heard that 3dr will discontinue continue support for APM 2.5.2/ 2.6  after the release of ArduCopter v3.2 in favor of the PixHawk.

Is this true? If this is what does this mean for ones who have invested in 2.6?

-curious george

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uBlox new 6m and APM 2.5.2

I am trying to finish setting up a quad in which i have ordered many different parts. At present, i am having a bit of trouble setting up the GPS, attempting to flash the ublox using the ublox center. Unfortunately i have not been able to so this suc

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southern california to portland via ArduCopter.

Just finished a trip up from southern california to portland and brought my copter with me.


Shot all with a heavily customized quad i put together using ArduCopter... So much fun! This is just a few spots cut into a sample video. Cheers to all and ho

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ArudCopter 3.1 straight up rules!!!

Been using ArduCopter 3.1 and i must say that i love the precision of altitude hold mode, the new drift mode and the ROCK solid loiter. So I just wanted to send a personal thanks to all the developers who made this possible.

I shot this entire video t

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MavLink + OSD connections

Hi Everyone,

i have apm2.5.2 with MinimOSD working great but since my recent addition of an Android Nexus tablet I am very interested in using both at the same time. So I recently bought a "Telemetry/OSD Y-cable adapter cable for APM 2.5"


from 3DR and

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Merry Christmas to all Ardupilots!

Thanks for the great Christmas present ArduCopter 3.1!

I believe 2014 is going to be a great year!

Merry Christmas the new friends I have met being a part of this wonderful community. Peace and  love to all!


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