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HUD does not stabilize


I am using Arducopter-2 with APM-1

When i went for a test flight, everything seemed ok at startup, but after i powered the motors, the angles/gyro rates/mag started giving erratic readings even when it was stationary on the ground.

Attached is a scre

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Good Lipo source

I sourced some Venom LiPo's (3S 11.1V 4000mAH) from Tower hobbies and they sold me a bunch of duds.

The batteries seem to drain after just 7 mins of flight and now the charger refuses to charge them, because they are bloated and 'damaged'.

I did take c

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Rolling tendency in 2.0.49



I just uploaded 2.0.49 to the copter. I find that on startup there is a tendency to roll, which makes me cut the throttle. Does anyone have a similar problem?

The HUD shows that everything is level initially, which means the accelerometers are cal

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