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wes quinn replied to atomz's discussion Canon SX260 HS Altitude Errors
"I am thinking that the camera will only give the ellipsoidal height and will not give the orthometric height. Where I am the difference is almost 80 feet. I wouldn't think that the camera would have a geoid model in the hard drive. I will try it out…"
Jan 19, 2015
wes quinn replied to Martin Baker's discussion (Open) Output APM 2.6 data for use with other Arduino-compatible boards... How? in ArduCopter User Group
"That sounds great! Please post when you find the best solution!"
Apr 6, 2014
wes quinn replied to Mark's discussion Pixhawk esc calibration - all at once not working (but everythinhg else does) in ArduCopter User Group
"Hold down the safety switch button until the light turns solid or the esc's make a tone and the props twitch."
Mar 17, 2014
wes quinn posted a discussion
Almost lost the quad today. I found it about a mile away from the field. Took it apart trying to download the logs to find out what the H happened. RTF 3DR Quad replaced APM 2.6 with Pixhawk880kv motors3DR RadiosAny Ideas from the forum would be…
Mar 13, 2014
wes quinn replied to wes quinn's discussion Help with log files!!
"Do you have a gimbal? Servo or brushless?
no gimbals. I was wanting to save weight so I took off the brushless motors and used the remaining antivibration mount to mount the camera. I have flown it several times like this with no problems.
How are…"
Feb 17, 2014
wes quinn replied to wes quinn's discussion Flying near military bases?
"Thank you for taking a look!
I will try a turn on the voltage monitoring.
The battery was straight off the balance charger. I am wondering if there could be something broken on a circuit board. 
I did notice that the wp target speed was set too high…"
Feb 17, 2014
wes quinn posted a discussion
I need help figuring out what I have done wrong. I posted earlier under on the regulation forumhttp://diydrones.com/forum/topics/flying-near-military-basesThanks in advance,2014-02-16 11-35.kmz2014-02-16 11-35.log2014-02-16 11-35.log.gpx
Feb 17, 2014
wes quinn replied to wes quinn's discussion Flying near military bases?
"Thanks for taking a look, I am wondering about a few things,
1. When I flipped the switch on my transmitter from stabilize to auto, all props stopped for about 2 seconds and it was in freefall for that time. then the autopilot kicked in and it…"
Feb 17, 2014
wes quinn replied to John Lester's discussion Plane or multirotor (quad, hex, etc.) for aerial mapping
"I am also a surveyor that has gotten the photogrammetry bug. I have gotten 6 to 8 min on my 3DR quad with a sx260 hanging from it. I have seen some great results. I am thinking about getting a event382 or getting the 3DR bixler. I am still on the…"
Feb 16, 2014
wes quinn posted a discussion
I have had five unexplained crashes shortly after engaging the autopilot at a project site. The site is not far from a military air force base. I am thinking that they might have something that is jamming or scrambling the 3dr quad with 2.6 APM.What…
Feb 16, 2014