UAV Electronics Integration Test Rig for the Missouri S&T UAV Team.


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  • You are correct, the Commbox is part of the ground system, that is the only part of that picture that will not be in the UAV, sorry about any confusion. I believe the WiFi card in the onboard computer has a transmit power of about 600mW and with a roughly 15dB antenna on the ground, we're hoping to get 2-4 miles range, but that is yet to be tested.
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    Also, what is the expected range on the WiFi G modem? (especially with the "rubber duckie" ant?)
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    I guess I misunderstood the Procerus system... I had thought the Commbox was part of the ground component?
  • Here is a flickr image with all of the components labeled:
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    I see the link contains a few comments, but a few more details would be nice.
  • Nice, could you detail the components?
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