It is a neat little package, but I'm not sure it garners Engadget coverage...

- I just looked at the whole just records and stores, has a USB output on the back. Might not be too bad as a pylon or external mounted recording option...records VGA at 25fps on to 2GB of internal storage.
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    And if you live in the states, the answer is...not very high at all!
  • I always her "How high can it go?" as the first question.
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    Ya, with retractable wings and everything! Wow!

    How fast does it go?
    How much does it cost?
    Where can I buy one?

    (the three questions you always get from kids at the flying field)
  • I was very impressed! Then again, I thought that was the entire UAV...;-)
  • Wow, this looks a little similiar (read: exactly) to the LANTIRN Target Pods I used to work on...
  • I think that they lead the title with "Cheap..." and not inexpensive says it all.
  • vga recording? oh wow, im surprised the public gets wind of this, sounds like something only advanced secret governmental agencies would own..!!!
  • is it a tiny submarine?
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    @ Scott, um maybe.
  • T3
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