Hi again,

Hereby I'd like to continue my project. As I said earlier, all parts were printed using a Stratasys 3D printer, which uses FDM technology and support material too. These were the parts coming from the printer:




I made a small PCB for the modified USB plug:


DSC_0821_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=150 DSC_0824_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=150 DSC_0825_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=170

Assembly of the arms:





USB plug assembled - plug-n-play solution for Mobius!


And finally some fully assembled shots. Now I'm waiting for the yaw motor and the controller to be delivered. After that I'll start testing in PART3. So stay tuned!!!

Best regards




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  • Developer

    Fantastic job!!!

  • That's the spirit, Adrian! Rest assured that I will make a contribution if I print out your design.

  • Hi guys, finally I decided to share STL files. So please check out PART2.5!!!
    If you like my work, donation link is in the post too. Cheers!

  • Doug,

    Although it would be nice to have access to this design as an open-source file set, Adrián has already shared that he is interested in capitalizing on his hard work in ways that would benefit his hobby/profession and I have offered to assist him in connecting him with industry contacts who are considering this design for commercial exploitation.  

    Given this aspect, and sorry to burst your bubble, but my personal opinion and advice is that Adrián not jeopardize the possible license & sale of his design by releasing it to the hobby/maker community because doing this would negate any possible value for anyone to capitalize on it.  I recommend browsing the available open-source offerings on any of the freely-downloadable websites like GrabCAD, etc. because there are alternatives.

    If you find something suitable, I'm sure you will want to generously share it with us here on your own "found treasure" thread.

    Good luck!

  • Would you be willing to share your STL file for the design?  I'm really interested in working with what you have for another done project I plan to build. Your file would be a big help in get a jump on development for my project.

    Happy New Year!

  • Hi, right now I'm nbuilding my X-UAV Talon. The gimbal will be in the nose.

    As soon as my plane is ready, I can do the initial testing in the air.

    I'll post my results in the PART3.

  • Adrian, what is the latest on your gimbal? I am looking at doing the same thing with a bigger zoom camera and would be interested to know how you found the "stiffness" of your in the air.

  • Adrián:

    Your design and renderings are truly exceptional and I complement you on your capabilities.  I believe that you could easily license or sell your design to a company that I was discussing a similar situation with today (a different product) and I would be honored to handle the introduction for you - or even represent your interests in obtaining fair compensation for your creativity and execution.  You would do much better than trading for the odd parts here and there - you would have your pick of the catalog!

  • Yes, that's the question what ariflow will do at that speed.

  • Moderator

    @Adrián Nagy Hinst , Oh, I see.  Yes, you did mention the hollow-shaft motor, I guess I didn't understand the significance in relation to the wire routing.

    It would seem to me that the sphere's center-point will move out of alignment when panning; so it would likely not be mounted behind an opening in the fuselage, but hung out in the slipstream (?)

    At 100 kph, this swinging motion and air pressure would effect the handling quite a bit, wouldn't it?

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