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With ten days to go, the LIDAR-Lite laser rangefinder project is just $5,000 from its crowdfunding goal (it's 91% funded). Now's the time to back it and put them over the top!

I love this project (I've backed it) and we're integrating it into the APM code. Along with using it for terrain following with copters (it's less noisy than sonar), we're optimistic that it will help with precision autolanding with planes, by providing precise altitude date under 10m so the aircraft can flare at exactly the right moment. We're going to fly an early prototype with APM:Plane and datalog the results; if that's successful, we'll put it into production and give it full support.

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  • @Chris Anderson. Why did you lie? 

    Comment by Chris Anderson on March 12, 2014 at 12:28am

    mP1: It will work with both APM and Pixhawk via the I2C port.

    Yet, the site says:
    This rangefinder is only supported on the Pixhawk running APM:Copter or APM:Plane 3.3 or higher (as well as Rover 2.49 or higher).

  • Thanks for the reply Dennis.

    We are looking for something to help with auto land on fixed wing. Specifically to assist with a steep approach angle and short field profile.

    I will read through the manuals.

  • Any news on this? I'm waiting on notification from the store. How will this compare with the SF02? Although I see they are on backorder again.......

  • How is the Lidar-Lite going to be supported in Pixhawk?  I haven't seen any conversations on how it will interface software wise.  Will it have it's own configuration in Mission Planner and other software or will it adopt the Sonar settings or OF_Loiter configuration?  I love this product idea but not seeing how it's going to be incorporated into Pixhawk autopilot.

  • @Dennis

    Whats the deal on shipping to Australia, Europe etc.

  • Would it be possible to place the sensor on a rotational plate and scan all around or in an angle by rotating the plate in steps? What will be the exact update rate of measurements? How is the measurement affected when the sensor or the sensed target is moving? I am a backer, too. :-)

  • As long as the mounts allow attachment to a plate while pointing the unit downwards, it should be fine. A couple of simple 90' brackets would probably do it.

  • Ordered two units on day one.

    Will test in our 2014 X8. One forward, one down for starters. Glad to see the Pixhawk support confirmed.
    Good luck

  • Backed ;)

  • Backed :-)

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