Low cost version of APM2.5

Hi everybody, I have just finished this low cost version of APM2.5 because it's difficult to buy a original board in my country, so I decided to build my own hardware with two layers PCB :)

I have solved some bugs in hw such as:


I also added a filter for AVCC for better adc result:


Modified PPM Encoder which is more simple in connection than original:


with one 3.3V SPI extension to connect with other 3.3V SPI device


The hardware worked well. data from sensor:


Next test, set up it to frame with full supports for a quadcopter and...fly

This version costs about $53, nice price, hah ^^

Some pictures (Dimension: 56mm x 56mm)





Bottom, I'd like to change original name for my new board? Is it OK?


I'm considering to open this hardware after I finished all test for this board. Someone can tell me any legacy problem when I share my Altium design to open source community?

Note: xtPilot is a modified hardware based on the APM2.5 open-hardware project.

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  • fantastic work ! what kind of machine are you using to print the PCB ?

    Best regards

  • Austin Suhler,Mark Harrison,Leonardo Garberoglio,CrashingDutchman,mdisher, Juan Carlos Hdez,Paul: thanks your words, it really made me keep the passion to work!

    Rana : thanks, I will do it ^^

    Philip: I will do it, Phil, just wait for my test.

    Charosenz : Yes, It is

    John Githen: it's nice to see that ;)

  • Nice work Xuan. This blog post can now be found with others on this 'UAV autopilot hardware' page.

  • Super, thanks for sharing.  I just want to confirm it is 8bit processor, right?

  • Great work! 

  • Great work, very nice! If you have a PCB left over, i'd be interested. I also like soldering SMD with hand:D
  • Very impressive!

  • Nice work ! If you are interested to manufacture it, then go ahead, people would love to have it but if you have no plan then you should release pcb files so that anyone else can go head.

  • Developer

    Hi Xuan 

    Will you be posting your Schematics? and PCB files?

    would be great to keep within the licence :) but nice job, good to see some changes, and not just another clone..


  • Very nice...  (Looks for line to stand in to buy one)


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