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I agree! From The Verge:

In today's Senate drone hearing, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) got personal, describing a rally held outside her home earlier this year. "I went to the window to peek out, and there was a drone right there looking in. Obviously the drone's pilot was surprised, because the drone wheeled around and crashed," she told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. "What kind of camera was on the drone? What kind of microphone? Could an enterprising person have attached a firearm to it?"

The hearing mostly concerned with the FAA's roadmap for regulating civilian drone use, spurred on by Amazon's recent announcement of a drone delivery program. But Senator Feinstein used her time to specifically speak out specifically against the prospect of private citizens equipping drones with deadly force, potentially opening the door for a new legislative avenue regulating the unmanned crafts. "We should not allow armed drones in the United States, period," the Senator told the committee. "It should be a crime for a private individual to arm a drone."

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  • Agreed Robert.  Anytime the government feels it needs to step in and regulate is unfortunate for us.  Ideally we should be regulating ourselves, but we don't live in an ideal world.  If passing legislation banning the use of weapons on civilian drones helps to open the doors for broader acceptance of the technology, than so be it.  This site is about promoting the "non-militarized" use of drones anyway.  

  • If there is no such thing as "common sense", then why did the past generations of humans seem to figure it out?  It won wars, such as the last two World Wars from tyrants.  It is called freedom.  I should add, there was once upon a time a hand shake was good enough for an agreement, but that isn't true today.  I believe trust and common sense is being high jacked from people like Senator Feinstein.  For too long people like her have been trying to make us believe nothing is absolute, only relative.  They want us to believe everyone has their own version of right and wrong.  So, we need the government to tell us we are stupid and have no idea how to apply common sense and to be trust worthy.

    What is she trying to do?  I guess because many individuals in our society have accepted everything is "relative". Now, congress feels justified to keep writing new laws all day long.  

    The sad thing about bureaucracy is we miss the opportunity to experience real leadership.  Real leadership is "taking the bull by the horns" and cut through the "red tap" so after 2015 we will be able to make some money using drones.

    God help us.  Oops!  I'm sure God shouldn't be in the equation either.  

  • While we are at it, lets make it against the law to put guns on bikes, and little red wagons too. And don't forget frisbee's. 

  • UAVs are going to be big business in a couple years and all this snarff is to restrict the peasants from profiting in what's to come. This is just like the goof from Google trying to ban UAVs because it takes away from his business. If anyone cared about killing people why are there tons of guns available legally....it makes lots of money.

    This poopoo is simple economics and to paraphrase a true buffoon: "Make no mistake about it".

  • Wow its a crime to have a drone but its not a crime to start several wars and kill millions. Go figure, America is dying.

  • Feinstein, queen of spying has no cred. A political hag, uh, I mean hack that 50% responsible for the harboring 1/2 the US illegal immigrants. Let's enforce all laws.

  • It should be a war crime as well.... 

  • I should also be a crime to impose your own will and feelings on someone else.
  •  I believe it is already a crime due to the fact that it would be turning an otherwise semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon by attaching an actuator to the trigger.  Imagine how easy it would be to kill someone.

    Bryan, we could get into fun ATF debates here, but the ATF did rule that a "fire by wire" trigger was OK, aka a remotely operated trigger could be used as long as there was only shot fired by the trigger pull.  


  • BTW, by "Drones", I mean "UAVs".  I hate the term "Drones".  Know your audience.

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