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Maximum additional weight on a plane?

I"m new. Just getting started with this whole UAV thing.Given the different planes available, what is typically the most weight that a plane can support given it's size? What's the best model out there for supporting the most additional weight and st

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Where to begin building a UAV

I am new to this site and I would wish to know what materials I need, software, hardware, stores, tools, and instructions require to build a UAV. Step by step directions would be the biggest help cause I find the UAV (or drones) on the main page lack

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I had a lot of faith and confidence in the SPEKTRUM DX7, so I decided to go ahead with the integration of the hobby wireless 500mW 2.4GHz AV TX into my UAV. I plugged everything in, conducted a range test and proceeded to take-off. Video Feed was gre

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Where to Start???

Hi,I'm new here, but have had an interest in this for a few years, but never really known where to start.My objective is to produce an air craft that could essentially fly non stop for an indefinite period of time.I am not looking to take pictures, a

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