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Single Motor Quadcopter

I think it should be possible to have one powerful motor in the center of the drone and distribute its power over the four rotors, the speed of every individual rotor could be varied via a tiny CVT

I think I could build the mechanical part all on my o

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DJI supports Russia

When you buy DJI, you're supporting Russia's war against Ukraine. I've owned several DJI drones, but I will never own another.

... DJI, sent drone parts — like batteries and cameras — via the United Arab Emirates to a small Russian distributor in Nov

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7 Replies · Reply by Basroal teela Sep 21

Pix4D Training Services

 Hello Everyone,
I'm new to the field of photogrammetry and mapping and I'm trying to decide on a mapping software. One of the applications I'm considering is PIX4D, and whether or not to sign up for the companies training and certification courses.

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B/E red light



I`m using pix32 v5 and there is a red blinking red led on the B/E (FMU), which i understand means that the pixhawk is on bootloader mode, how do you cancel this mode and get back to aa normal mode?


Thank you

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PID Tuning

Since I didn't have a problem other than a little wobble when taking off in althold and loiter modes, I flew in a plan that I uploaded to mp in auto mode. It was a successful flight, but I think my pid values are still not very good. It wobbles a lot

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Best beginner drones

I'm looking to get into using a drone and just wondering what's the best bang for my buck. I know of DJI, but that's a little out of my price range. I want something to play around with and with a camera to de ide if i want to spend the eaxtra chash

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