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  • Does any body know....

    Can Shield board on APM2 be separated by a 50 cm cabel?

  • Just Flying my new GAUI X5, the best heli made price/quality.

  • Have an e-Flight 400 3D with the Spectum 6Xi along with a backup radio that has never been flown off a stand.  Am thinking(?) of trying to convert over to a Drone.  Pros and Cons and any help possible! 

  • Developer

    @Jeff Re whether Arducopter for TradHeli will work on a helimax AXE CP,

         I suspect that the heli has enough power to lift an APM2 but the problem I see is that the AXE comes with a consolidated esc, radio and tail gyro.  You'll probably need to remove that completely and replace it with a normal ESC, receive and the APM2.  That'll add weight but also a lot of cost.

         The other problem is that the AXE has a flybar which we know adds trouble when it comes to doing loiter.

         So it might work but it's not going to be completely straight forward.

  • I have a helimax AXE CP.  Is that powerful enough to support the weight of the additional hardware?

  • APm 2 on traditional heli, any test with this new APM 2 ?

  • Does any body know how the fast the execution rate of the Ardupilot or Arudcopter software is the with current build without adding more code?

  • Developer

    Trad Heli user group members,

       Just wanted to let you know that the trex450 mounting plates made from stylish and durable carbon fibre are now available in the diydrones store for $15.

    3692302994?profile=originalThese plus a 3d printed sonar and gps mounts available from shapeways (at cost) can help you get up and running quickly (if you're using a trex450 or HobbyKing clone)

  • Has anyone tried the latest code? We wanted to try it for stabilize and loiter. Hopefully with navigation. Would there be a problem in flying the latest code with waypoints?

  • Developer


         As Marianne just found out the hard way, since version 2.0.43 (or thereabouts) you must arm your motors in order to get the APM to start saving logs.  This is not something that quad people would every notice because of course they must arm their motors in order to fly.  But with the heli, because the servos move whether armed or not and because you control the throttle yourself, there's been little need to go to the trouble to 'arm'.


         ..but now you must if you want logs!  Actually it serves some other good purposes as well:

              1. reinitialises the barometer

              2. sets "forward" for simple mode.


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Trex450 with pixhawk miniVbar and RPM sensor.

HelloSeems that traditional heli is fadding off .... I'm trying to check the latest ardupilot traditional heli setup on trex450, in order to later scale up to 550 and 700 helis.i'm puzzeled about using the miniVbar flybarless controler with the pixhawk.  i have the pixhawk commanding the FPL controller via SBUS, and lacking the traditional throttle HOLD function.Started with flyber system, and had all work as requested, but on the FBL the throttle comand is working all time, even if the fixhawk…

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APM 450 Helicopter tuning

Thanks in advanceNewbie to APM helicopter and need some advice. I have used APM 2.6 and 2.8 board for a few years now on quads and tricopters. I have watched videos of APM helicopters flying waypoint missions with no input from the transmitter a they are smooth and steady, I cannot get mine to fly anything like that with me controlling the sticks? Actually heli with APM is only a small amount more stable than flybared? I am pretty much using stock parameters except in extended tuning Rate pitch…

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Using ALT HOLD with a helicopter

Thanks in advance for any HelpI have a Trex 450 clone, Tarot FBL head, APM 2.6 with v3.2.1 firmware, flysky 9X transmitter using heli1 setting.This unit is wired with the receiver ch3 connected to the APM ch8, and the receiver ch6 to APM ch3, unit flies pretty good with some parameter tweaking.Need help setting up ALT HOLD, could someone explain how I can set this up in mission planner for a helicopter, I do not know what I am doing wrong, I have used alt hold in Quads with no problem?I have…

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Can Stable Simple Mode be used with helicopter

Thanks in advanceTrex 450, Flybarless head, APM 2.6, Arducopter 3.2.1, Ublox 7 GPS with compass, flying fairly well with mostly stock settings.Question in mission planner flight modes can I use Stable with Simple mode with a helicopters?Does this work the same as with a 450 Quadcopter, as to direction unit is pointed does not make a difference to the controls?Thanks

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