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Fresh from our attendance at the UK Drone Show, we’re eager to share with you our insights and predictions for 2016.

Let’s get straight to them.

1. DJI Watch Out: Mainstream Manufacturers Will Soon Join the Party

You may have noticed something about the consumer drones industry to date - the popular manufacturers all seem to be new or obscure. We’re referring to the likes of Hubsan, Parrot and Yuneec.

Did you know these brands before they started selling drones?

It’s unlikely.

But, with consumer drone revenue expected to exceed $2 billion in 2016, mainstream manufacturers now want a piece of the action.

Already GoPro has announced they will release their own drone in early 2016. It’s possible we’ll also see consumer drones from Samsung and Sony. And the one that could really surprise: An Apple iDrone. It’s certainly a possibility.

Chinese manufacturer DJI is likely to stay ahead of the pack in 2016, but expect the big boys to play a rapid game of catch up.

2. You May Not Want It, but Compulsory Drone Registration Is Coming

3689673692?profile=originalLet’s be honest, concerns over safety and privacy have held back the consumer drone market so far.

However, this is about to change.

We predict that aviation authorities around the world will begin mandating drone registration and pilot licensing in 2016.

Like you, we initially thought:

What the hell?

Why do I need to register my hobby drone?

And why on earth would I need a licence to fly it?!

It’s an understandable reaction, but remember that aviation rules are not set by hobby drone pilots.

It’s not all bad news though. We firmly believe that safer drone flights will help the industry grow. And licensed hobby pilots may later decide to move into the professional realm.

3. Autonomous Drones Will Help You Capture the Perfect Shot

3689673629?profile=originalAnyone who has tried flying a drone for the first time swiftly discovers that it’s far from easy.

You’re VERY likely to crash and smash your drone on its maiden flight.

We see the autonomous operation of drones as the future.

Here’s a few reasons why:

Firstly, it’s a lot safer to allow the drone to fly itself (via a preprogrammed route if done correctly). Autonomous drone obstacle avoidance systems are on the way with preprogrammed no fly zones built in for restricted areas.

Furthermore, capturing exceptional aerial videography is tricky when you have to pilot the drone at the same time. An autonomous drone will let you program the flight path - allowing you to have complete control of the camera at all times.

Lastly, autonomous drones like the 3DR Solo can be programmed to follow you filming during your outdoor pursuits such as climbing, cycling, running and creating the most incredible selfies.

These are some of our high-level thoughts on the future of consumer drones.

Let us know what you think?




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3689670556?profile=originalHiring drones for private and commercial events is becoming increasingly popular due to the unique aerial perspectives that drones can bring to video and photography.

However, hiring a drone operator can be a risky business.

You want to be sure that the operator is a qualified and licensed drone pilot, who also has comprehensive liability insurance.

A brand-new UK organisation aims to help with this.

Drone Safe Register is compiling a first-of-its-kind public directory listing skilled, professional drone operators. The organisation plans to match legal drone pilots with those parties seeking aerial photography services. A worthy goal for sure.

Take a look now at their introductory video:

For further information DroneSafeRegister.org.uk

Let us know what you think - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly :)


FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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Me and My Mobius


The latest Mobius C2 is an excellent cost effective lightweight 1080p mini action camera. With a wide angled lens packing a horizontal field of view of approx. 131 degrees of panoramic picture; a runtime of around 80 minutes officially supporting up to 32GB Micro SD memory card.

What makes the Mobius C2 so special?


The Mobius action camera is a sophisticated mini camera designed by users for users with a considerable input from the online communities.


You have the simplicity of just 3 buttons (power, shutter, mode) allowing you to flip between taking a photo, filming at 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps (excellent for slow motion) or hook up to a computer and go under-the-hood easily tweaking just about every setting possible using freely available software with an array of cables and accessories. This allows the camera to be tailored to the application - using as a dash camera in your car right to flying in the sky attached to your First Person View Drone racer.

All Mobius cameras hit the mark when it comes to delivering raw power on a shoe string and the C2 takes the Mobius up another notch with a wider angled lens, sharper images and colours exceeding its already impressive C lens predecessor (for comparison videos search on YouTube “Mobius C2 review”).

Helpful tips for My Mobius?


1. Don’t lose it

The Black-Ops camera design may look sleek but it’s fairly easy to lose due to its matte black colour and size. When flying on-board a Drone it is a needle in a haystack if it becomes detached after a crash - which nearly always happens in FPV Drone racing.

So put it into its own case if you are not using it, and when using as an action camera e.g. flying on your drone, make sure its securely attached and also BLING up your Mobius with bright colours (tape or paint) – it’s time to manufacturer the next Mobius cameras in bright colours and that also goes for Drone manufacturers!

2. Update the camera firmware

Relatively easy to do for the non-techie (YouTube) and benefit from the continued improvements provided by the Mobius online communities.

3. Camera settings

Setup using the latest software, YouTube videos and documentation for the Mobius ActionCam (free mobile and computer apps available)

4. Micro SD memory card(s)

If you have the latest camera firmware then most Micro SD cards (buy x2 cards to have a spare) should work with the camera and its recommend class 4 (minimum write speed 4MB/s) but do check online first as some higher class cards e.g. class 10 have been known to cause minor issues.

As a rough guide for the card size approx. recording times for 1080p videos with a standard data rate are 32GB Card 4 hours 30 mins, 16GB 2 hours 15 mins, 8GB 1 hour 7 mins and  4GB  33 mins.

5. Clean lens before filming

If using the camera as stand-a-lone it has no on-board viewfinder so to eliminate the disappointment of later finding out the lens was dirty - wipe it before filming!

6. After filming transfer your film to a safe location e.g. external drive

7. Take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy!

In conclusion, the Mobius C2 is a superb little action camera where the design encompasses many subtle but invaluable nuances. Helpful links below for Mobius C2, get involved with the online communities and provide feedback for future improvements.

RCgroups.com link Mobius C2

RCgroups.com link Mobius

Software from the online communities link

Post by James Barton

FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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5 Things Apple and DJI Have in Common


Apple and DJI are pioneering companies that manage to consistently stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Few people would argue with that statement.

But, what common denominators do these companies share that could provide clues to their incredible success?

Well, let’s take a look...

 1. Innovative technology

Apple is synonymous with cutting-edge and user-friendly technology. The iPad, iPhone and MacBook are just some examples of Apple’s amazing ability to create innovative and popular products.

DJI is doing something very similar with drones. Already, they sell more consumer drones around the world than any other company. How do they manage this? Through being on the forefront of drone technology, while having a keen understanding of consumers wants and needs.

 2. Cool design

No one competes with Apple’s impressive product designs that extend right down to the boxes and power cables. Part of their massive commercial success is due to this one factor alone.

DJI appears to have been influenced from Apple on this. Their Phantom quadcopter range is iconic, memorable and definitely cool. Interestingly, their design appears to have become a default quadcopter look, that several other companies are now emulating. Then there is the DJI Inspire 1. Another distinctive and visually-appealing drone.

 3. Killer branding

With a world-leading market capitalization of over $700 billion, you can be sure that Apple knows a thing or two about branding. It starts with their famous logo, but extends through everything they do - including their physical stores and websites.

DJI has seen colossal growth in the last few years. To get so big, so quickly, they seem to have learned from Apple about great branding. They have a simple but catchy logo, and an engaging strapline: “The Future of Possible.” Their clean, video-rich website is also comparable to Apple’s own site.

 4. Loyal customers

Without customers, new ideas and products (however good) can quickly vanish into the ether. One thing we can be 100% sure of: Apple has incredibly loyal customers. Many of their customers are so passionate about Apple that they choose to buy almost all of their newly-released products. You may be one of these people.

DJI is rapidly gaining similar customer dedication. They’ve managed to make owning and flying drones both exciting and rewarding. DJI drone owners love to learn, share and be part of the DJI drone community. Of course, the quality of their products is the key reason why customers buy them in the first place - and why they continue to stick with DJI for future purchases and upgrades.

 5. A head start

While not all Apple products have been completely original, they have all been given the “Apple-touch” that has set a benchmark for other companies to follow. A perfect example is the iPad, which quickly became a global success after its release. Competitors found themselves having to play catch-up.

DJI was founded by Frank Wang in 2006. In just 9 years, the Chinese company has taken the world by storm. Their focus on civilian drones has given them tremendous momentum. They’ve had the right products, at the right time. Other companies realise this of course, and are now jumping on the bandwagon (GoPro is a recent example).

Apple and DJI definitely have a lot in common, and maybe one day we may even see a collaboration between the two companies.

By FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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Small Portable Ruggedized Humanitarian Response Vehicle



Pathfinder inserted or dropped into place and be the first on-site in disaster zones. Small portable ruggedized humanitarian response vehicle encasing land and air combination as one unit with remote control and autonomous capability, including mobile phone type payload providing real-time feeds including video, images and on-board sensors to disaster assistance response teams.

Unit to be re-usable or disposable as its main objective is to preserve life and relay real-time environmental data.


Can be dropped from up to 100 meters and when on terra firma land speed capability of up to 25 MPH on flat ground with some off-road capability.
Once target location reached and if required, unit can deploy air support drone vehicle. Air support drone has a comms link to the land unit containing mobile phone type device to relay data to disaster assistance response teams. If relay data comms fail the land unit stores data locally for recovery.


Use existing open source software and hardware, standard comm protocols and modify high performance electric off-road RC land vehicle and camera drone 

[the design is still in my head and the above image shown is my modified ftx carnage RC car (20-30MPH) and camera drone]

Inputs/ideas welcome and anyone volunteering to help me build it! :)


FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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Drone Deliveries

3689648688?profile=originalConsumer research specialists eDigitalResearch asked 2,040 UK online shoppers in January 2015 for their views on drone deliveries.

They discovered that 33 percent of online shoppers would be willing to opt for delivery by drones.

Of those open to the idea of drone deliveries, 68 percent felt that faster delivery is the main benefit to the new delivery technology, while another 40 percent believes it would offer them cheaper and more convenient delivery options.

However, many consumers fear that the introduction of drone deliveries would lead to an increased risk of parcels being left unattended and open to damage.

In total, 47 percent felt that left packages are the biggest disadvantage of delivery by drone, while another 39 percent believes that the technology is unreliable and only able to cope with parcels of a certain size.

The research also found that of the online shoppers surveyed:

  • 35 percent were unclear what drone deliveries would involve and what the real benefits were.
  • 49 percent don't believe drone deliveries will ever happen in the UK, while 35 percent remain unsure.
  • 17 percent are confident that drone deliveries will be introduced into the UK in the near future.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of consumers would be happy to receive smaller, relatively low-cost goods via drones. Over 54 percent said they would be comfortable with drones delivering their books, CDs and DVD online orders, while 35 percent would consider having clothing and footwear items delivered via the new technology.

This plays perfectly into Amazon's main product offering of small consumer goods.

3689648604?profile=originalChris Russell, Joint CEO at eDigitalResearch, and Visiting Professor of Digital Consumers at University College London, explains:

"Whether drone deliveries ever come to fruition in this country is yet to be seen. Amazon continue to surge forward with their Prime Air scheme and if they're able to get it off the ground, could revolutionise the delivery and fulfilment sector.

We're starting to see consumers becoming increasingly frustrated with wait times of 3-5 days for their online orders - the introduction of drone deliveries could completely change all of that.

But - and there's a big one - if we are to see drone deliveries take off, there will need to be vast investment in trying to increase consumer knowledge, trust and confidence in the technology."

SOURCE eDigitalResearch

FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones [Read more...]

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The Orbit One 250

a new mini racer drone manufactured by California-based Space One FPV.

3689647059?profile=original Space One FPV www.spaceonefpv.com

The drone is made from full 3K carbon fiber and is lightweight, resilient and ideal for drone racing.

The drone is made of full 3K carbon fiber that is highly strong and resilient, being the first choice of materials, used within the Aerospace industry. Users can easily accommodate 5" props on its lightweight airframe.

By FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones [Read more...]

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World’s Most Beautiful Aerial Videos

We’ve searched far and wide for the very best aerial imagery from around the world.

3689646809?profile=originalVideos that feature amazing perspectives and scenery - and all filmed with the help of drones.

  Some of the most beautiful aerial videos in the world.

Video: Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand

Koh Yao Noi island in Thailand by Philip Bloom philipbloom.net

Video: Sea ice and glaciers in the Arctic Ocean

Sea ice and glaciers in the Arctic Ocean by Peter Cox www.petercox.ie

Video: The Serengeti in Africa

The Serengeti in Africa by Will Burrard-Lucas www.burrard-lucas.com

The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands in Indonesia by Paul Borrud vimeo.com/user12285054

Video: Utrecht Church tower in the Netherlands

Utrecht Church tower in the Netherlands by Overview

By FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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The Twelve Drones of Christmas

On the First day of Christmas my true love sent to me...


1. Quadcopter Q4 Nano

Probably the smallest you can buy ready to fly with flight times around 5 mins. Has 3 flight sensitivity settings: low, medium and high for doing aerial and side flips. Recommend flying in the dark as the bright LEDs light up the room like a Christmas Tree!


2. Hubsan X4 HD

A great low cost robust little starter drone quadcopter with HD 2MP Camera
Hubsan X4 HD

3. Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

Affordable unit, providing out of the box basic first person view (FPV) starter drone where you can see what your drone sees using the all-in-one controller

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

4. Blade 180 QX HD ready to fly (RTF)

Recommended by Award-Winning Aerial Photographer as a low cost starter drone for Aerial photography the Blade 180 QX HD RTF - a great drone to fly!

Blade 180 QX HD ready to fly (RTF)

5. Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite

Control using your smartphone or tablet, full feature set including required software a great safe way to step up to the next level. Company Parrot offers a range of next generation drones targeting the general consumer market.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite

6. Quanum Nova

re-branded by Hobby King originally CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder by Cheerson
A fantastic drone quadcopter providing basic to advanced features and outperforms any drone for the price. Note will require some detailed expert knowledge to use advanced features

 Quanum Nova

7. walkera QR X350 PRO

The Walkera QR X350 PRO with DEVO F7 FPV Quadcopter offers complete out of the box solution without having to buy separate parts and generally costs less than most DJI drones offering similar product features.

walkera QR X350 PRO

8. dji phantom vision 2 plus

The ultimate all-in-one consumer drone with advanced software, easy to fly and comes with a price tag to match

dji phantom vision 2 plus

9. 3DR IRIS+

The Iris+ personal drone by 3D Robotics is all you need to start seeing and sharing your world from above.There is no better platform on the market to fulfill real drone applications for consumer and professional


10. X8+ Drone 3DR's Power House

3DR's X8+ drone, a powerful aerial workhorse built with quality components, modular design with payload capacity and autonomous delivery capabilities at an affordable price.

X8+ Drone 3DR's Power House Octocopter

11. walkera Scout X4 Drone

Scout X4 drone quadcopter by walkera packed with features including changing from quadcopter 4 motors to octocopter 8 motors, real time telemetry and flight times up to 25 mins

walkera Scout X4 Drone

12.dji inspire 1

DJI’s latest advanced drone, carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, 360 degress view, 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos, full-featured App, optional Dual-Operator Control, and Vision Positioning technology.

dji inspire 1

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Safety First Before Flying Your Drone Outside

Fly Your Drone Safely

Before flying your drone outside, you must familiarize yourself with your country’s current regulations (find these via Google).

The Boring but Essential Stuff
Typical rules include:

• Maximum altitude of 120 meters (approx. 400 feet).
• Maximum distance from the operator of 500 meters (approx. 1600 feet).
• Drones should be flown at all times in the sight of the operator.
• Drones must not be flown within 8 kilometers (5 miles) of an airport.
• Drones must not be flown within 50 meters (approx. 160 feet) of structures, vehicles or people not under the control of the aircraft operator.

These rules are actually very sensible. You DO NOT want to lose control of your drone and be the cause of an accident.

Please always keep safety at the front of your mind.

Getting Off The Ground Safely
Just as with commercial airplanes, accidents are most likely to occur with drones on takeoff and landing.

Successful takeoff?

Firstly, make sure your drone is on a level flat surface. This is very important.
Next, ensure that your drone and transmitter batteries are fully charged. Additionally, check that the blades are able to spin freely.

Once you are satisfied that the equipment is operational, you can sync the drone and transmitter. Be sure to keep a good distance away from the drone before starting the motors.

You’re ready to fly!

If you have practiced sufficiently on a flight simulator (loads of applications now available on Apple and Android App stores), then you should be able to get your drone up and flying without too much difficulty. The key thing is to start off slowly (no sudden movements) and to keep your drone at a low altitude until you are confident with controlling it.

Realistically, you are going to need many hours of flying your drone before you can reach a competent standard. It is quite possible you will crash your drone. This is why it makes sense to be outside in a field or park - well away from people and buildings.

With practice, you will also be able to land your drone softly and precisely.

Top Tips for Flying Safely at All Times
For example, we own a number of drones from large to small, including good starter Drones Cheerson CX-20 /Quanum Nova and a Hubsan X4. The Hubsan X4 is a great low cost very robust entry drone, and 9 times out of 10 in a crash it's just a case of adding replacement propeller blades and popping the frame back into place.

To save you money, avoid accidents and heartache, we strongly suggest the following:

READ YOUR DRONE INSTRUCTIONS - and if lost, or if you have difficulty understanding them, find the information on the Internet (for example: visit the manufacturer’s website, look for advice in forums, view tutorials on YouTube).

• If you have self-assembled any part of your drone, triple-check the setup configuration.

• Although drone/quadcopter propeller blades look the same, they are different and must be installed in the correct configuration to create the required lift and control. If installed incorrectly (round the wrong way) you drone will fly out of control and smash into the ground.

• Don’t try to show off with your drone.

• Always have spare blades available.

• Find an outdoor area with more space than you think you will need.

• To avoid damaging your blades (or yourself), fit blades protection guards.

• If automated stability controls such as GPS fail, be ready to take manual control and land.
• Time your flights and be alert to the battery alarm or light signal. If alerted, return your drone immediately to your position to avoid any possibility of a crash.
• Be wary of flying your drone when the wind speed is more than 10 mph. Sudden gusts can cause you to lose control of your drone.

NEVER leave the batteries charging unattended. Most drones and radio-controlled aircraft use Lithium Polymer batteries (additional LiPo info Link)  because they offer excellent high-energy storage, and are lighter than equivalent batteries. However, LiPo batteries if not charged correctly, can become faulty, catch fire, and even explode.
Drones are not toys, and should only be operated in most cases by responsible adults. If you really want a child (recommended 14 years old and up) to fly your drone, at least make sure they are fully trained, and you supervise their flying at all times.

If you are ever in any doubt - please put safety first.

Enjoy your flying!


Helpful links

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Federal Aviation Administration

Learn about the Drones, Quadcopters and Multicopters

Selection of Starter Drones
IRIS+ from 3D Robotics Link
Cheerson CX20/Quanum Nova (similar to the DJI Phantom)
DJI Phantom
Hubsan Q4 nano http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/bumble-bee-size-quad

Hubsan X4 H107C with HD 2MP CameraA
Blade 180 QX HD

Posted by FlightBots.com - The Home of Friendly Drones

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Bumble Bee sized Quad

Enjoying the Hubsan Q4 nano!



Flight time around 5 mins and has 3 flight sensitivity settings low, medium and high for doing aerial and side flips and recommend flying in the dark as the bright LEDs light up the room!



The Hubsan Q4 nano can be found in most hobby stores, ebay and Amazon link


Plan to wire a second duplicate battery (100mAh link) in parallel and attach to the base to increase flight time.

Looking for other mods and nano quads :)



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We have listed 22 Friendly Drones applications.

We welcome application ideas/feedback and aim to include in updates to this article.

The purpose of this article is to capture real available kit to the 22 apps and include other applications being used today by DIY members.


FlightBots (James)

22 Ways Drones Will Change Our World

Friendly drones are innovative, cutting edge and afforded with life changing technology.

Just to give you an idea of how they can be of assistance to us, we have listed 22 of their most compelling applications:

1. News Gathering.

Imagine photo-journalists being able to capture bird’s-eye views of breaking news such as national elections, disaster zones and war zones. Aerial coverage of events like these are set to revolutionise news gathering. Example: UK company Aerialvue


2. Energy Conservation.

Drones fitted with infrared sensors are able to scan buildings to detect heat losses. The reported data can then be used to implement energy and money saving building enhancements.


3. Protecting Endangered Wildlife.

Poaching of endangered wildlife such as rhinos and tigers is a major concern. Park Rangers around the world have already begun to successfully use drones to help monitor wildlife habitats. This is proving to be effective at deterring poachers.


4. Aerial Photography.

This is already a booming sector. We all love to see aerial images, and many companies are willing to pay generously for the privilege of having aerial footage of their products and buildings. Aerial photography is also the number one reason why people buy their first drone. It is a great hobby! Example: Award-Winning Aerial Photographer Brent Foster


5. Search and Rescue Assistance.

A drone really could save your life. Search and Rescue teams around the globe are starting to discover how helpful drones can be. Search and rescue times can be massively reduced, and difficult ground conditions can be circumvented. Example: A pioneering search and rescue drone trial by research staff at the  University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)


6. Wildfire Mapping.

Forest fires can be catastrophic. Anything that can help reduce their spread is sure to be readily accepted. Drones fit this category. They are able to fly over wildfires and provide real-time mapping that can allow firefighters to make critical decisions.

7. Providing Internet Access.

Google and Facebook are already moving into this space. Using giant solar-powered drones it appears that in the near future isolated areas will have high-speed internet coverage for the first time. A very promising technology. Example: Solar drone Titan Aerospace Solara 50

8. Relieving Traffic Congestion.

Roads in towns and cities become more crowded and perilous every day. Picture a team of lightweight camera drones that fly high above the congested areas at peak times and relay what they see back to traffic controllers. Faster flowing and safer roads are the likely outcome.

9. Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Zones.

We’ve all seen how nature can suddenly wreak havoc on a towns, villages and cities. Tsunamis, storms and earthquakes are often devastating and deadly. Drones could be used to fly into the affected areas to provide mapping, to deliver food and aid, and to go where roads may no longer exist. Example: company Matternet

10. Measuring Environmental Pollutants.

Are you really sure what toxins and fumes factories, farms and other industrial sites are releasing into the atmosphere? Drones are designed to measure environmental pollutants could tell you exactly this information. They could also help ensure that companies are not breaching environmental regulations.

11. Tracking Hurricanes and Tropical Storms.

To be forewarned of when and where a storm or hurricane is likely to hit can be a major advantage. Buildings can be protected and people moved out of harm’s way. Unmanned aerial vehicles can fly safely near and above storms to provide vital tracking and monitoring. Example: NASA ERAST Program on Wikipedia

12. Air Delivery.

Yes, Amazon and Jeff Bezos have made delivery by drones a very well known and highly-anticipated development. But it not just Amazon who want to fly things to you. Other companies already experimenting with this new technology include Dominos and DHL. Expect many more. Example: Amazon Prime Air

13. Geophysical Surveys for Oil, Gas and Minerals.

These commodities are becoming increasingly harder to find. Drones make it cheaper and easier for exploration companies to assess suitable areas for test drilling.

14. Aerial Footage in Filmmaking.

What used to be the domain of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters is now within range of even the smallest film production. Drones are rapidly replacing manned planes and helicopters to provide cheap, safe and stunning aerial footage. 

15. Livestock Monitoring.

Farmers often leave their livestock unattended for long periods of time. Animals can be stolen, injured or lost without warning. A video drone can provide constant monitoring of livestock, and even track wandering animals.

16. Pipeline Security.

Much of the world’s oil and gas is located in politically unstable and often dangerous regions. Attacks on pipelines are common. Drones can help monitor pipelines and help deter attackers. They can also be used to pinpoint maintenance issues.

17. Delivering Medical Supplies to Hard-to-Reach Areas.

There are many places in the world where roads are either in disrepair or don’t exist at all. People living in remote villages are often cut-off from access to emergency medical care. Drones could prove to be lifesavers. They are able to fly essential medical aid direct to communities who otherwise would be unreachable by land.

18. Event Coverage.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics gave us a glimpse into the near future. Video drones were skillfully deployed to capture unique and breathtaking footage of various Olympic events. Other sporting and cultural events are also likely to soon see the benefits of drones and aerial photography. The viewer is the real winner.

19. Urban Planning.

Property developers and planning approvers have a new tool. Drones can take detailed images, surveys and maps of prospective sites. Significant time and effort can be saved by capturing aerial imagery of areas marked for development.

20. Exploring the Undersea World.

Humans are restricted in the depth they can travel in the seas and oceans. Drones are not. Detailed 3D imaging of the ocean depths for monitoring and research are possible with undersea drones. Sea-life can also be safely studied with drones, as in the recent example of Great White Sharks being filmed by scientists off the western coast of Mexico

21. Surveying and Spraying of Crops.

Farmers and drones are already proving to be a winning combination. Using drones over their agricultural land, farmers are able to assess the condition and development of their crops. They can also use the drones for safe and cost-saving crop spraying.

22. Selling Homes.

An aerial video of a home can be both beautiful and a very effective sales tool. The last few years have seen Real Estate agents begin to utilise the power of this new perspective. Buyers love it too, as they can see clearly what is on offer.

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Brent Foster is one of Canada’s leading aerial photographers.


He is also passionate about helping others to discover and practice aerial photography and cinematography.

We approached Brent about answering questions about how he got started, what equipment he uses, and what are the best first steps for beginners.

We think you will find his answers very interesting…

Interview with Award-Winning Aerial Photographer click here!

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