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Bat-Amp-Prevolt Question

Sorry may have posted in wrong section-"Ground Stations". Re Posting her as it's MP question


Using MP 1.3.19 Build 1.1.5508.10848 and the Bat-Amp-Prevolt is sets to:

18.0018, not the 17 as specified in the text in the Full pramiters text for the PM.


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RTL Motor shutdown, high wind.

All has been going well since  I did Autotune earlier this week. When flying my Quad 2 days ago in High winds ;20mph, gusting to 26mph , all was going well until the last RTL. I was ABOVE RTL altitude, engaged RTL, copter started to descend, then - I

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Wiring question

I have had 2 separate cases where the cable failed to the GPS. Once as a result of a hard landing (crash) that broke my CD mounting plate, the other from an rebuild, where I was just unplugging and re-routing wiring to the GPS.  Both times one of the

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The New ESC?

Is this now the only ESC DYI sells? Can I get replacement for my non-SimonK ones in case I need them?


ESC 20 Amp with SimonK


Electronic speed control optimized for multi-rotor use. This is a high quality ESC known for its reliable perf

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GPS Wire harness Issues

I am writing to ask about the wire harness used for the Ublox GPs unit. (Without the integrated compass).  I have now twice had the GPS fail when I removed and reinstalled the GPS unit from the APM during maintenance.   First time I thought my GPS wa

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General setup Questions

I would like to take the time to say that all of you developers' have done a wonderful job and kudos to all involved in the programming of this hardware!!!  I can not believe the progress that has occurred since I purchased my APM in January.

 I have

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initial setup

OK I have been following the discussion boards, and am confused as to where I go from here. I finely have purchased all the hardware and have built a multicopter but am un-sure whether I use the wlki instructions or use the instructions at http://cop

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Futaba T8FG PPM/PWM decoder

I have seen a lot of discussion about the need to update the PPM firmware for Futaba Radios.  As I just received my first APM 30 days or so ago- and I am an new to APM, I have some questions:

Can I see want version of the decoder firmware I have on my

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