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SITL - window access error

I'm trying to get SITL running natively on my windows 7 pc, but now keep getting a "window access not found" error on the cygwin terminal

I've followed the instructions on the wiki to the letter, and had no problem in downloading and setting up cygwin

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HUD artificial horizon change

Did I fall asleep?, just checked the artificial horizon in MP 1.2.99 and noticed that the artificial horizon now stays level when the aircraft banks.

I'm one of many who have misunderstood the HUD view in the past and thought that the horizon was reve

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Waypoint grid editing

Can anyone tell me, or give a link to information, on how I would go about editing Mission Planner, in particular the Auto waypoint function that generates grid version2 so that it generates the waypoint file with either DO_SET_SERVO or DO_SET_RELAY

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Wing reinforcement & servos

Just doing some research before I commence my build and was wondering what the general opinion of the forum is on a some points.

1. I've read that the standard CF wing connection tubes can break and the wing can flex if it is heavily loaded or flown i

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Where can I find Depreciated HIL code

Hi forum,

I successfully loaded Arduplane HIL 2.5 onto my APM1 1280 using the latest version of mission planner.

I then managed to set up and connect it to X-Planes 9 and was able to fly some waypoint missions, and was very pleased with the performance

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Artificial horizon reversed

Hi all,

I have a hawksky and have fitted APM with Xbees to it, I've loaded the most up to date version of APM and the mission planner and have noticed the following.

If I connect to APM using the USB port and view the flight data on mission planner, wh

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Hi all, I have been setting up APM in a Hawksky and am having issues with the throttle. I am using a Futaba T9C with a GWS RD8SL dual conversion receiver on 35Mhz. Setting up on manual mode was no problem, and all four channels perform perfectly with

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