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Never ending story Xbee's

Never ending story... Xbee's

Could anyone share their xbpro 900 ' [ mine one with cable one with antenna which Arducopter Wiki offered ] x-CTU configurations [ if you could save them to file with Profile>save it's better]

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Configuration ok but no flight ?

My steps


1- Connect RC channels

2- Connect USB and Configurator make Transmitter Calibration

3- Remove USB

4- Connect ESC cables to APM

5- Connect Lipo

6- Sound looks good and lights look ok.

7- Could change with mode GPS hold and could change to acrobatic

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ESC calibrating without Power ?

I'm confuse about Arducopter units USB connection ?


When calibrating ? or setting up could we connect unit to USB ? [ ofcourse yes but after removing lipo connection right ? ]


Could i use Xbee for connecting ? is it work for configuration utility or

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Arducopter frame alternative.

I plan to make frame with Trex 600 tailboom and 3mm plywood.

B ---------Center--------- C

I plan to use Turnigy 221

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Xbee alternative ?

I already have a video and audio link with plane.

My OSD has audio telemetry. It encodes data's into audio stream and one software decodes it.

Is it posible to make audio link to communicate with APM ?

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APM Stabilization ?

AP has stabilize with PIR [ xy and z ].

APM how to stabilize ? gyros ?

Could APM stabilize to Camera ? [ pan tilt unit ? ]

And last one , can stabilize they together [ sametime ]


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Where to start ?

I'm interestted in Aerial Photography and Autonomous systems' but i'm so newbie.Could you offter any roadmap for starting point ?Now i'm looking for the solutions under discussions , i'll share my steps.Thanx.

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