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Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Hi guys,Please see photos attached. I have 5 volts in OUT0, OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4 and OUT5.OUT6, OUT7 and all IN (0-7) show a voltage of 0.2 volts.As a result I have no Rx and the quad is not going anywhere.Please helpthanks,…
Dec 16, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Hi - i have a quad and am running ardupiratesNGIs it possible to achieve altitude hold (as well as GPS hold) using mtek GPS only? When i switch both on there is no altitude hold - just position hold, and i need to manually maintain altitude with my…
May 11, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Using only GPS hold (no altitude hold) my quad decided it needed to be somewhere else in a hurry.It travelled 15 metres forward and took some quick reactions to avoid a crash. This has happened before and the last time it did this the result was a…
Mar 8, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Hi, I am able to get my quad flying perfectly in stable mode without GPS hold working using ArduPiratesNG - in the Arduino software I chose AP_GPS_MTK16 (DIY Drones 1.6), and in the Configurator it shows that the flight software version is V2.01.The…
Mar 1, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Nothing works.I have followed every instruction to the letter.I have even paid for a computer dude to come over and start from scratch and he couldn't make this work.. we wiped everything relating to this and started again. NOPE, NOTHING WORKSThe…
Feb 23, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
In order to use position hold you must first have a magno.I would advise FahPah to state this clearly before allowing anyone to continue to the checkout stage as anybody buying one and hoping for position hold (all of us) would obviously be needing…
Jan 21, 2011
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Hi, Could somebody out there please advise me on where and what to buy in order to connect a magno to the Arducopter board. I'm about to buy a magno from DIY drones but it doesn't seem to come with cable. A link would be greatly…
Jan 20, 2011
Richard Gosling replied to Norbert Machinek's discussion Watch out! Pirates are taking over!
"G'day all you Jack Sparrow lookalikes.
I really enjoyed your extra stable version of the code.
I have since gone backwards in stability in favour of GPS hold - although its been raining here for years now so haven't had a chance to test GPS hold…"
Dec 26, 2010
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
I have noticed that RC2 beta is available for downloading.Will I be able to use GPS hold with this download?Do I require a magnetometer for GPS hold?What are the benefits of a magneto?I've attached a link to my hover vid with christmas lights…
Dec 18, 2010
Richard Gosling replied to Nuno Fernades's discussion Bigger ESCs
"I don't know how they'd go with quadcopter but 40amp Mystery speedies (with BEC included) are good - i've crashed mine about 10 times in my planes and it still doesn't miss a beat."
Dec 16, 2010
Richard Gosling replied to Neil Smith's discussion My first Quad with custom frame
"very nice job. I'm interested to know how 2 X 3S1P packs worked for you in relation to flight times. Where you running the motors well above half throttle to hover with the extra weight?
thanks, Rich"
Dec 16, 2010
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
allo again,I am wondering if there has been any movement where GPS hold is concerned.Apparently it is not active at the moment - certainly mine doesn't work, and others have said the same problems on the forum.Yet i have watched youtube vids where…
Dec 12, 2010
Richard Gosling replied to Superwalloon's discussion ArduCopter kit - good for a complete newbie ?
"yes Arducopter suits you - very similar to the dual prop heli you fly around your living room. However Arducopter looks the same whether you look at it from the front or back or side. It is very easy to lose orientation of this beautiful insect once…"
Dec 8, 2010
Richard Gosling posted a discussion
Has anyone else experienced a sudden and violent shift in direction whilst hovering?Does this sound Ardiuno related or board related or ESC related? Or perhaps a Tx/Rx issue.Regards,Rich
Dec 8, 2010
Richard Gosling commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post How to boost your 2.4Ghz Spektrum/JR Transmitter signal!
"use euro setting on Dx6i Tx only. US standard will overload the booster and kill it. Get a 5-6volt BEC between battery and wifi. You'll need at least 3 foot of cable between booster and radio for attenuation. Don't disconnect pigtail inside your…"
Dec 6, 2010
Richard Gosling replied to David spencer's discussion ArduCopter Mac OS X support?
"i received my quadcopter today from FahPah (excellent) and have assembled it and after many hours of trying are unable to do anything with it. I have a mac and it seems that i was misinformed when i read that the software was mac friendly. From…"
Dec 3, 2010