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APM Mission planner setup page

I was having promblems with setup until I realized what mistake I was making.  The upload page in the mission planner is kinda tightly packed together.   A little confusing.



I was clicking the wrong button.




The different color props were nice to us

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ArduCopter Health Beacon RGB_LED

ArduCopter needs life. it needs to be able to communicate with is pilot. Live information can be displayed to the pilot using colors and patterns through 1 RGB_LED. 7 easy made colors can be used to identify the state of the quadcopter. RGB_LED's can

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ArduCopter2 Trouble connecting

I have connected and uploaded the new code via mission planner. I have gone through the setup with the CLI and MP. When I slide the switch forward to the fly position and try to connect to the mission plannner it never connects even with gps lock? I'

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Weather station with uav's

   I was wondering if anyone had thought about incorporating a ground weather station to help control UAV's. You could use wind speeds and wind directions to help navigate the aircraft more accurately. The barometric pressure sensor @ the weather sta

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Trouble connecting to Configurator?

     When connecting to the Configurator It seems to be very hit or miss.  CLI works everytime,  I can only get the Configurator talking if I follow this order.

1.) start configurator

2.) Slide switch in FLY MODE

3.)Click connect on the Configurator scr

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Trouble udating MediaTek GPS

     I have tested my MediaTek GPS with the APM & IMU and it works.  When I connect the MediaTek gps to my usb port, my computer gets sketchy.  It doesn't show up as a COM port and after a min Windows pops up and says unable to identify usb device.  

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