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List of Multicopter companies

Hi Guys,

I was looking out for Companies/Startup that work on Multirotors in the area of:

1) Embedded systems (core firmware or software)

2) Mechatronics designs

3) Control systems

Its been kind of hard to spot 'especially' companies that work on 'multiro

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Swarm copters with Arducopter

Hi guys,

I have two Arducopters and I am planning to create a swarm type communication between them. 

Here is my setup:

1) Two similarly constructed Arducopters with APM 2.5+.

2) Both have Telemetry enabled


- I want to be able to control both of

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Indoor Crash. AC 3.01 Help!


I had a horrible indoor crash today after I armed my motors.

I was in stabilize mode, the quad changed direction towards one side and crashed into the wall, broke 2 props, 2 motor shaft bent. I have to check the 20Amp ESC's if they got burnt in the

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