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Baro problems! Help!

Finally, I'm back to the sky =)

I've fixed my EPP FPV plane and uploaded latest firmware via Mission Planner. Setup and go!

Manual take-off - all great, hit Stabilize - perfect and smooth, then I switched to RTL - plane started to circle around, fighti

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super cheap DIY GPS-tracker?

Just an idea - nowadays 3G modems cost nearly nothing with their free plans for few months. So I guess it has main chip which can accept AT-Commands like:

> A simple demo of SMS text messaging.
+CMGW: 1


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Uses of Autonomous RC car

Hello there! I'm building my own car-drone, but lacking ideas.


Just wanted to know what could be this kind of drone used for? Any practical stuff? Any fun/geek stuff? Tell me what you think! Thanx!

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Channels 5-8 not working

When I do radio setup - channels 5-8 are not working! But before they were working properly. I'm using latest code from Mission Planner as well as I've tried to compile and upload myself. Receiver is okay - I've checked it with servo. On older versio

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APM Planner's ArduPilotSim issues

Hi there!


I'm having weird delays. I've checked CLI radio test and it's all fine there. So I'm guessing it is an issue of APM Planner software.

I've got delays from moving stick and showing it on the graph starts from 3 sec and keep increasing. I've s

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APM 2.012 Factory Reset issues

I've erased EEPROM completely, then factory reset, then setup everything and run every test. Everything looks fine. I even trimmed my RC transmitter, so that in CLI radio test in neutral postions it shows 0 for all used channels except ch8. Tried man

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Switch to FLY - and it is shorted!

Hi again =)


Whenever I switch APM to FLY mode (handle of the switch closer to DIP-switches) both boards (oilpan and ardupilot mega) got shut off! No leds, no ftdi virtual com-port in computer's device list. And the buffer chip(74act157 on APM board)

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Strange trasfer behaviour

Hello folks!


I've just purchased ardupilot mega v1.4 and arduIMU v2 flat. For now I've connected ardupilot to my own ftdi cable which based on ft232rl chip. Many of my projects were tested using that one. But for arduino I had to solder CTS and DTR w

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