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Parameter not fully loaded


When I connect MP to Pixhawk using telemetry, why it was not loaded completely. In unit...description col. I am using Win 8.

It also happend in another Laptop. I have update MP to latest version, but didn't work.




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Non-Canon Camera Trigger Based on Distance

Dear All,

I am developing UAV for Mapping. I use Canon Camera (SX260HS)+CHDK to trigger the camera based on time interval (intervalometer script) and based on distance (E38 script), both was working well.

Now, I want to use another brand of camera (i.e

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X8 Carbon with total weight 4kg

Hi Guys,

I had first maiden with my X8 carbon yesterday. This is my spec:

800 kV motor, max 1250 watt

13x6.5 propeller

2x 4S 5000mAH 25C

Castle 80A ESC

Total weight 4kg

my X8 failed to take off... could someone help me to give advice about my spec, which pa

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