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My hobby is buliding and flying areo models like F5J.

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Autonomous flying, landing and takeoff of trainer

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prof.avi.levy commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Adding 3DR radio telemetry to the Quanum Nova APM-powered copter
I followed the procedure of connecting the 3dr radio to the quantum nova.
I have 1st version of the 3DR radio.   When one radio connected to the quad and the other to the PC, while using the 3DR radio within the initial setup tab both are…"
Sep 22, 2014
prof.avi.levy replied to prof.avi.levy's discussion APM:Plane 2.78 released - get intro FAILSAFE although rc in manual mode
"After reversing the speed controll problrm solved"
Feb 1, 2014
prof.avi.levy replied to prof.avi.levy's discussion APM:Plane 2.78 released - get intro FAILSAFE although rc in manual mode
"When taking off the throttle fail safe and initiating the APM it worked and get the manual from the radio
Can it be a bug related to chanel reverse or a falut in my setup?
Jan 30, 2014
prof.avi.levy posted a discussion
I upgrade APM 2.5 from FW2.76 to 2.78 and almost cut myself.My throttle is calibrated on reverse, the new throttle fail safe was checkedWhen restart the APM it is automatically going into failsafe mode although radio sets manual as can be seen in…
Jan 30, 2014
prof.avi.levy replied to Don Bunnell's discussion Odd behavior from MP 1.2.85
"Upgrading to this version results in "no RC receiver" error.

The APM is functioning and RC is working, yet this error is flagged

The same error appears when playing a log file"
Nov 1, 2013
prof.avi.levy replied to Nathaniel Caner's discussion Maestro or Ardutracker for Antenna Tracker Servo Controller: PROS and CONS?
I use another procedure which works for me fine. Yet I am planning to test the live calibration method that you are using (since I also have minor error with the tilt). At the moment I do 5.5Km with immersionRC diversity equipment
In the MP,…"
Oct 15, 2013
prof.avi.levy replied to Stasa Puskaric's discussion APM 2.5 - flaperon problem
"I have the same issue. while using rc5_func=5 the servo don't get any signal
while using 18. the flaps works only while APM in manual mode.
Did you solve the problem?
Jun 2, 2013
prof.avi.levy replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.72 released
"There is a bug in Firmware 2.72
When running the airpressure test it doesn't work (Figure is attached)
I downgrade the Firmware to version 2.7 and air pressure test is working well.
Any idea why?airpress.jpg"
May 5, 2013
prof.avi.levy posted a discussion
My home height is 334m, When I set Auto mode and flight plane 75 m (relative) the plane is climbing all the time (from about 550 m in FBWA to 840 in Auto mode)Any suggestion how to fix this navigation problem?I am using last firmware 2.7.2 on…
May 4, 2013
prof.avi.levy replied to Pete's discussion MinimOSD flickering and blackout
"I have similar problem
I have fat shark 100mv and 250mW video transmitters. I set the connections as shown in http://code.google.com/p/arducam-osd/wiki/Specific_Hardware_Diagrams
The OSD is working fine with the 100mw transmitter and I can see all…"
Feb 4, 2013
prof.avi.levy posted a discussion
HiI just updated MP 1.2.2 to 1.2.12It looks like some of the flight planner functionalities were lost,  e.g. it can’t load or save WP files, Elevation graph, Prefetch …Attached 2 figs. of the flight planners version.Anyone have an idea how to solve…
Sep 21, 2012
prof.avi.levy posted a discussion
I am using APM version 1.1.87 on win7 64bit. The advanced parameter tab in the configuration tab shows wrong values.For example:1)      Both in parameter list (KFF_PTCHCOMP) and ArduPlane PID tabs (Pitch Comp) shows 0.23 while it shows 0.2 at the…
May 23, 2012
prof.avi.levy left a comment for Michael Oborne
I install APM planner 1.1.65 and the latest firmware 2.33 on APM 1 with airspeed, gps, and Xbee communication.
Since I update the firmware I retune the PID (FBW A) again and than starts the auto navigation.
I have 2 problems with the setup…"
Apr 14, 2012
prof.avi.levy commented on Matt Fisher's photo
Have you use it as a V tail or Just an elevator.?
Did you connected the rudder too? (If yes, did you let it on the front as before?)
Dec 4, 2011
prof.avi.levy left a comment for Matt Fisher
"Dear Matt,
I am new in the UAV area. I am building the MQ-9 Reaper which I just got from hobby king. I also ordered the full Ardupilot Mega Electronic Set.
I found the link you made for your pictures and thanking you a lot for that. I do have some…"
Dec 4, 2011