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  • I call BS - As for what the website tries to make the company look like, it's a domain name that was registered a year ago, and their website is hosted with a consumer account at GoDaddy - Not exactly corporate quality stuff..

    As for the wording on the site, it looks like complete smoke. Overly vague specs, and the video showing the vehicle states it can go 55mph, yet a close-up within the video shows little RC car parts - would never be stable at that speed..

    But the most damning evidence is the domain registration info - hidden proxy domain registrant info, and the site is on a consumer hosting server (certain GoDaddy "" server ID's..)

    Wim - isn't fake - it's a "make my registration private for only 9.95!" service from GoDaddy..

  • Developer

    I really doubt that anyone can fly battery powered quad more than 1 hour. 30 minutes is already quite nice achievement. Yes I do know that MK and few other people have been flying 45 mins in tennishall without any winds and with ultra fine tuned quad. But in real world and real world application 30 mins is still goal to achieve.

    Fuel cels and others are not provide enough power yet to run quads, solar power neither. Mini nuke plants maybe but those are not so mini yet :)


  • I'm currently living in Tampa and in order to fy around with any drone you will need permission from the FAA.Also in effect right now is a 30 mile radius flight restriction.So I highly doubt anything will be in the air unless it's transport vessels
  • This is just another fake company. Do some DNS lookups.
    -> Registrant:

    Then look at the website of
    what does is say: "your identity is nobody's business but ours"

    So why would a real company hide itself? It's FAKE!

  • they don't even have to bother building a fake model, it can be done with a 3D rendering program

  • 10 orders of magnitude?  I think that might put them at an energy density close to an anti-matter reaction?

  • There have been numerous discoveries over the past 10+ years about the manufacturing method for LiPo batts, off the top of my head one of the more exciting ones stated the battery will have capacity of 10 orders of magnitude over current LiPo batt densities, and the ability to discharge at something like 400C, and charge rates were equally impressive, the research even pointed out that re tooling current manufacturers making LiPo to be able to make the improved versions would be minimal, the technology was using carbon nanotubes to increase the surface area and the capacity.

    They said they expected to see the first commercial versions being produced 5 years hence, which was about 7 years ago. Sad.

    This is really the last hurdle for electric helis, as they seem to be much superior to the IC helis, and able to deliver the power more efficiently etc.

  • I rate its powered by Tiberium!

  • Lithum-Sulphur rechargable batteries may have 50% more energy than LiPo.

    Lithium batteries (non-rechargable) may have more than 100% energy than LiPo.

    In short future Li-air batteries may have 10 times more energy than LiPo. Prototype is expected in next year.

  • I wonder if this company just used smoke and mirrors to convince the republicans it was real, got a big check, and plan to fake the whole deployment...

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