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uBlox LEA 6H on APM and Pixhawk

Hi, Before Pixhawk I used APM 2.5 with LEA6h, wanted to use it also with Pixhawk but was unable to do so. Now I connected Lea6H back to AP…

Started by Raimo Noormaa

11 on Friday
Reply by Raimo Noormaa

SBUS output on Pixhawk when ?

I understand that the SBUS output on the Pixhawk is NOT currently enabled. Does anyone know when this may happen and will it simply send th…

Started by heliboy

1 on Thursday
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III

First Rover Project

Hey guys, I've finally managed to make enough progress to get to a point where it's worth sharing my project.  Allow me to introduce Mog-Y…

Started by Phill Scott

3 Nov 7
Reply by Phill Scott

Pixhawk + Credit card sized PC + camera + OpenCV ...

Hi, I started to play around with computer vision - recognizing some patterns is great. Currently do it on my laptop (MS VB + integrated w…

Started by Raimo Noormaa

3 Nov 6
Reply by Alex Warren

throttle control.

Ive tried lowering throttle curve....ive tried adjusting parameters...but nothing seems tonslow down my lil turnigy car.just a lil movement…

Started by ben

11 Nov 6
Reply by Angelo NG

How can I power the R/C receiver ???

Hi Guys Sorry for the dumb R/C question but I'm a newcomer when it comes to this R/C stuff. I'm trying to make a 4WD rover using APM2.6. I…

Started by Apostolos

4 Nov 5
Reply by Apostolos

Ardu Rover drive motor not working. Brownout results from commands.

So, I pulled out the ole Ruckus last night and put the good ole APM on it again. I have everything plugged up and I go to test it. Did the…

Started by Jamie Glover

2 Oct 30
Reply by Jamie Glover

AVC or active vehical control on rover

Having done this many years ago when developing in the fastest RC car on earth challenge with my friend Wolfgang soon after Kalman had r…

Started by F. C. Bearsch "Tearig"

12 Oct 30
Reply by MikeRover

GPS precision on pixhawk ?

Perhaps only the developers can answer this question. What is the resolution of the GPS2 input on the PIXHAWK ? If we had a decimeter preci…

Started by heliboy

3 Oct 28
Reply by RoboBill

Which firmware version is currently best

I read somewhere the official 2.46 had track steering problems. I understand the current beta fixes that issue. Many thanks to all develope…

Started by RoboBill

9 Oct 20
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III


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