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mission planner for android ?

Hi Are there any thoughts to port mission planer to the android platform ?

Started by Apostolos

7 12 hours ago
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III

Can ArduRover software be used on any Arduino Mega?

I realize that it may take some work, but can I use my existing Mega, GPS, 3DR radio and load it with ArduRover software and have something…

Started by emile 'butch' alline

10 14 hours ago
Reply by Joseph Brandine

Needing do_set_servo command on a Pixhawk rover help

I have a Dimension Engineering "Doubleswitch" R/C relay on my Pixhawk controlled rover. I need to turn this relay on at a waypoint during t…

Started by RoboBill

6 on Sunday
Reply by RoboBill

HELP! Erratic speed and no steering in auto mode

All LEDs solid, all voltages nominal.   Manual and learning modes work fine.  With hundreds of meters to WP, rover goes fwd and rev erratic…

Started by emile 'butch' alline

4 Jul 14
Reply by emile 'butch' alline

Mapping APM 2.5/6 output pins to arduino mega 2560 pins

I suspected a bad output on one of my APM 2.5 boards and wrote an arduino sketch to check out the ports.  They were all working OK.  Here i…

Started by emile 'butch' alline

5 Jul 9
Reply by emile 'butch' alline


How should we handle reverse in ArduRover?

I'd like to add support for the rover using reverse in auto mode, so if it can get somewhere faster by going backwards it will. So I'm look…

Started by Andrew Tridgell

47 Jul 9
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III

Rover going to way points but acts strange during start up

Hie everyone. I am having other issues now with my rover. 1. When ever i flick the switch for it to go into auto mode, it reverses, turns…

Started by Tawanda

11 Jul 9
Reply by Antonie Kruger


Team CDC Slash Sparkfun 2014 AVC results

Hi All, I was only able to complete two of the three heats and took 7th place with a score of 696. If I would have been able to complete th…

Started by Thomas J Coyle III

5 Jul 3
Reply by Thomas J Coyle III

Please integrate compassmot

I was wondering why compassmot hasn't been integrated into the rover code.  I read the comment that says it's not needed but I've been test…

Started by Nikola Rabchevsky

8 Jul 2
Reply by Jake Wells

New compass calibration screen

While playing around with the latest Pixhawk roverware and the new piksi GPS system I came across the new compass calibration 3D screen. Ve…

Started by RoboBill

2 Jun 26
Reply by RoboBill


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