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Standard Settings for PixHawk Rover Skid Steering + Sabertooth

I'm trying to get a new rover up and running and keeping hitting bumps...and also my head on the wall! Please help before this beast runs m…

Started by Nathan Jones

10 Oct 16
Reply by Anders Wikstrom

4wd rc mower

Hi Guys, not only am I a newby but I'm an old newby. I've decided to build this mower so that I don't have to mow 2 acres of undulating pro…

Started by mic d jona

13 Sep 5
Reply by mic d jona

Skid Steer Setup

I am currently trying to reuse old Quadcopter parts to make a small rover. I am setting it up to use skid steer for turning. Everything is…

Started by CI

9 Aug 25
Reply by nickthecook

Transforming a RC car into a Ardurover

Hi everyone,  I want to transform my old RC car, i have the APM and everything that i need to transform, but i have some doubts about how t…

Started by Antonio Hernandez

0 Aug 3

Ardurover Skidsteer Boat - turning thrust ratio

Hi All, I have a boat running Ardurover 3.1.2 on pixhawk in skid steer out mode. I want the boat to turn on the spot without moving forward…

Started by Russell Jarvis

0 Jul 26

Want to assemble a rover run with APMrover2

Hi I want to assemble a rover run with APMrover2. Here are the links I found on Amazon. pixhawk board:

Started by Cliff Lee

0 Jul 13

autonomous rover- no motors, just servo for steering and actuator for braking- rolling down hill

The objective is to build an autonomous gravity racer (no motors, just rolling down a hill) to go through several waypoints. Autonomy throu…

Started by john smith

3 Mar 20
Reply by Ray Quintana


How should we handle reverse in ArduRover?

I'd like to add support for the rover using reverse in auto mode, so if it can get somewhere faster by going backwards it will. So I'm look…

Started by Andrew Tridgell

48 Mar 11
Reply by Amulya Agarwal

Rover goes in tight circles when in Auto and RTL mode. Error Compass Variance Alert.

The rover works completely in manual mode, but whenever I switch to auto or RTL the rover just turns in tight circles. I get an error messa…

Started by Robert Kyamoto

15 Jan 25
Reply by Nathan Jones

Mapping APM 2.5/6 output pins to arduino mega 2560 pins

I suspected a bad output on one of my APM 2.5 boards and wrote an arduino sketch to check out the ports.  They were all working OK.  Here i…

Started by emile 'butch' alline

6 Jan 4
Reply by Casper van Zoest


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