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Jesse commented on Hai Tran's blog post Customs seizes 80k worth of Drones
"it's been a few years since I've had to deal with export restrictions, but as I recall, as an individual leaving the country on holidays you should not have "export restrictions" placed on carrying your personal UAV across the…"
Sep 1
Guy Tzoler commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"OK so i got the Setup and managed to upload the code with Visual micro but i can't run it at debug with FastSerial. can any one assist on that matter? Thanks"
Jul 20
Guy Tzoler commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"Can someone share how to get the IDE up and running for this project? i have VS 2013 and i installed Visual micro that i saw was used for this development, but the project won't build. can you tell me what arduino IDE version used?"
Jul 19
Peter Bancks commented on Jesse's blog post CASA looking into drones in Australia
"You know that it's not so much about regulation than it is about keeping track of operators and limiting their use.They want to be able to use these drones to keep the public under surveillance, they don't want the public keeping an eye on…"
Mar 31

Jani Hirvinen commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"you mind share your LCD's technical details? As most of what we have been testing are not so visible in daylight and we have been testing several displays between 250 nits to 450 nits (cd/m2) for our highluminance groundstations we are using…"
Feb 17
Frenchguy commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"I imagine that all of the Ardustation Mega features were forked in the initial Ardustation 3 (and later rewritten mostly, I think) at the time. I feel the TFT/LCD screen I have selected is quite visible in the daylight."
Feb 17

Jani Hirvinen commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"Yes, there is already rather good software originally written by Colin for ArduStaton Mega. That could be transferred to Ardustation 3 rather quickly. We have already several touch screens working but main problem on those screens is that they are…"
Feb 13
Frenchguy commented on Jesse's blog post Next Generation of Ground Station
"Anyone else interested in collaborating on Ardustation3? It seems Jesse is pretty busy with other stuff. I feel that for <$50 + GPS ($40?) / telemetry ($25?) and a 3D enclsure we could get something quite amazing going. "
Feb 13
Suraj commented on Jesse's blog post Thermopile Arrays
"hey guys..need your help..we are doing a project using a 8*1 thermopile array for human detection..the one i found in the net was TPA81[2-22um] from costs $100 plus shipping and stuff..can u suggest us any other thermopile array which…"
Feb 8
Jesse replied to Thomas Rutter's discussion Arducopter or Russian Roulette?
"Is there no way to catch the max Z axis movement in the last X time and if the baro reading exceeds that of the Z axis ignore it or take the Z axis measurement and "re-calibrate" the baro reading?.  should this not be easier now with…"
Jan 17
Jesse commented on F5PQL's blog post Bridge 3dr telemetry/Bluetooth and ArduStation3
"I'd love to see more photos of how you have put that together! Sorry I haven't done much with the software lately; has anyone clone the repository and expanded on what's already there?"
Dec 7, 2013
Jesse commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Lifeguard drone goes from concept to prototype
"Probably not enough weight in it for that Stefan; you might need to redesign the auto-inflate mechanism, then you may run the risk of false triggers.  plus in less favorable conditions an inflatable live saver may blow away from the drowning…"
Nov 19, 2013
Jesse commented on Gary McCray's blog post And Now for Something Completely Different - APM:Bot
"it's lookin' good mate!!  I would suggest that you either use thicker L section or weld that bottom joint.  95lbs of batteries exert an awful lot of force on the frame going over bumps... I suspect that that L section will fail…"
Oct 27, 2013
Jesse commented on Kevin Hester's blog post Textbook delivery by drone in Australia?
"I'd like to see how far they can fly a text book on a drone... return... with current tech I daresay that it'd be limited to 'down the street' delivery radius... that seriously limits your customer base... "
Oct 14, 2013
Jesse commented on Sérgio Domingos's blog post DIY 3 Axis 360° Rotaion Brushless Gimbal
"That's an awesome find!!  I am waiting on a couple of slip rings at the moment to make a couple of gimbal's for my rover... these might be better, and the price isn't ridiculous either... (tho they're not what I'd call…"
Sep 27, 2013
Jesse commented on John Arne Birkeland's blog post Another multicopter crash into a crowd..
"@Toby, For now this might be true, but give it another couple of years and it won't be... which in itself is a very scary thought given that planes have been flying for decades, and multicopters only for a few years... it's far too easy…"
Sep 17, 2013

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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
I'm really interested in the 'flying robot' concept. beginning with a jdrones Hexa, but ultimately plan to try a long distance flight with a petrol two stroke plane (CASA permitting of course)

Jesse's Blog

Monstor Rover

Posted on September 8, 2013 at 5:28am 21 Comments

My current project: a Large rover!  I have found a cheap dis-used electric wheelchair on eBay, removed the "chair" and all of the electronics, created a power distribution system behind the battery pack based around an arduino Uno, two 8 channel relay modules, and two 15A step-down converters for 12v and…


CASA looking into drones in Australia

Posted on May 29, 2013 at 6:00am 20 Comments

I copied this from a news article on nineMSN (link to article below)... Once again the key concern appears to be people looking into other peoples back yards... I haven't seen anyone draw attention to the potential danger in having a cowboy crash into a crowd, into traffic or destroy property...…


Thermopile Arrays

Posted on February 2, 2013 at 4:00am 11 Comments

In searching for sensors to use with the Arduino, looking for something new to play with I discovered a 16x4 Thermopile array, a bit of a search revealed a manufacturer that makes a 32x31 array, these may well be within the reach of the hobbyist, giving us a way to add thermal imaging to our…


Stronger landing gear

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 3:30am 0 Comments

After tearing through countless quantities of landing legs on my drone I decided to make my own, somewhat stronger than the original legs.  Through years of modifying cars I have learnt (the hard way!!) that when you make something stronger, there's always something else in the chain that will fail.  So with…


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