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I see two sets of numbers. Is one the receive strength of the ground station and the other is the received strength of the air? What would be the equivalent of say %50? Thanks

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How to get beta updates?

I signed up for the Andropilot beta updates and was confirmed as eligible.  However, nothing has happened since. 

How/when do the updates appear on my Nexus 7? Do I have to do any more to get them on my device?

Also, sure wish you would clearly show th

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Mavlink questions

I am working on connecting  my own controller panel to Andropilot using Mavlink and Bluetooth. Most functions are working, however I have some questions:

- the red "Looking for radio" warning keeps on screen after Bluetooth connection, the HUD, Map et

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WP upload

A question about WP read writes.

How does it works?

Like i have made my flight plan, added my WPs than pushed disconnect. (connected directly trough BT)

But it did not take.



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Kevin, will you be implementing SplineNAV, that really looks great.

Just wondering, grabbed the spline branch from DroidPlaner and thought it was pretty neat.

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