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210 RTK no gimbal control

I've a 3D flight plan that requires that the camera be adjusted to various angles to capture the data we need. The "Set camera attitude" feature in UgCS does not appear to function, regardless of what the pitch set to, -30, -90 the gimbal stays on th

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UgCS for DJI 2.13 permission error


UgCS for DJI app previously worked fine for me. However, I've now done a new install on a new phone (and tablet) and I can't seem to get past the initial "Checking permissions". App always returns "Permission check failure, SDK error, please conta

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Matching Elevation Sources

Hey all, when I upload my DSM (or DTM) that I made with Pix4d it is set approximately 52 meters below the SRTM elevation source (it looks like a big bowl in the ground). I am trying to match the sources so I can plan missions that could extend from m

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